Wear Gloves for Health

All this news of my family’s health, the constant diligent care of my husband, and the barrage of news has, at times, left me feeling rather scattered and ungrounded. I thought of how I could manage these feelings and then share some solutions with you.I’ve been wearing gloves for five years now while taking care of my ailing husband. I have gradually had to increase the number of times I have had to wear those gloves. And now it’s imperative I wear them for both his and my safety. I have to “glove” myself as well as provide supplies for my husband’s health aides. Gloves are what we should all be wearing right now especially if you need to venture out.
Yesterday I went to the grocery store wearing my knitted winter gloves. I actually had to hunt for them because, understandably,  I hardly ever wear gloves here in Southern California. It’s only when I travel in the winter to Canada to visit my family that I use them at all. While in the store, I told a couple of my local Trader Joe’s employees that “it’s for my husband’s protection” and they of course understood immediately reliquishing any judgement. 
However, for those I encountered who I didn’t provide an explanation I sensed that they thought it was odd..I suspect they were thinking that I was over the top with panic, hysteria or something like that.
My husband is at high risk for contracting this virus. I realized this fact last week shortly after I had been celebrating my Birthday with friends. It hit me that I could not be out in the world as much as I thought I could because of my husband’s compromised medical condition. I realized I had to become extra cautious. 
I urge you all to take extra precaution  at this time even if you personally do not have someone around you that is highly compromised. Someone you come in contact with might be connected to someone who is highly compromised and so on and so on.
I recommend you wear gloves (not surgical gloves) regardless of what anyone else thinks. This virus is passed on and spread mostly through touching services – as you all know. When you get home wash your gloves after you’ve unloaded your groceries and then wash your hands immediately before you touch anything.
Gloves are more important than masks. Both would be great to have but there are very few masks available at this time. Whatever surgical gloves and masks that are available right now should be reserved for the medical professionals who are dealing with potential life and death situations. I’ve even seen videos where hospital staff are actually making masks out of craft materials because of this massive supply shortage.
So to manage during this time here are my recommendations:

  1. Wear gloves – your winter glovesSave the surgical gloves for medical and health professionals working hard in hospitals, care centers and, in my case, my home.
  2. Wash your hands as if your life depends on it. Seriously it’s that important. This virus is mostly spread on surfaces and hands touching those surfaces. I don’t normally recommended being obsessive – but now is the time to be just that.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Rest as much as possible. You are under a great deal of stress right now – it’s crucial to recharge and revitalize yourself.
  4. Avoid being glued to the television or internet all day long. Take a break – listen to music, meditate, watch some stand-up comedy, etc.
  5. Go out for a walk – move your body. Remember to keep your distance from others when you’re out exercising.
  6. Avoid sugar and sugary foods. Sugar will deplete your immune system. Eat fresh whole fruits, vegetables, quality protein and good fats. Especially now – you need to maintain your strength and nourish your immune system.
  7. Connect with friends and family by phone or online. There’s nothing like the human voice or a loved one’s words to give you comfort, hope and a feeling of connectedness.
  8. Take additional supplements.
For your immune system take:

Vitamin C – 6,000 to 10,000 mgs. per day

Oil of oregano – 60 mgs. per day

To help with your stress take: 

Magnesium – 500 – 1000 mgs. per day 

B complex – as directed
And finally, I wish you safety, health and much rest during this trying time. And please stay home for the time being.