Did You Know?

speed_walking Statistics indicate diabetes will effect 50% of the population by 2025 and heart disease is the number one cause of death today.

If you think this is just about weight loss you are only half right – the benefits are much more far reaching and will effect your entire life.

  • Are you sick and tired of the up and down story your scale seems to tell you every day?
  • Are you ready for something that works for good without any gimmicks or fad dieting?

I have now been working with a new weight loss program. This system is new to America; however, it has been used in Europe and Australia for over 10 years helping hundreds of thousands of people rid their bodies of unwanted pounds, food allergies and unhealthy habits. You can eat real foods and get the professional support you need to empower you as you learn how your body works. Change your psychology and your biology with this successful weight loss program guaranteed to get the pounds off and help you keep them off for good!

Hard to believe this? You’ve heard it before? Well this program supports you in changing your habits for good. It’s up to you but not initially. Trained personnel help you and support individually in learning tools of how to keep your weight off.

With our highly successful weight loss program

  • Lose 10-20 pounds of fat within 5 weeks.

  • Not feel hungry or deprived.

  • Be supervised by a qualified weight loss expert and clinical nutritionist.

  • Learn how to properly balance carbohydrates and proteins once and for all.

  • Discover what food allergies may be contributing to your weight gain.

  • Eat & enjoy real foods.


    More Benefits:

  • You will look and feel great!

  • Re-discover & embrace self- control and self confidence.

  • Increase energy.

  • Drop clothing sizes.

  • Control your addictive food habits.

  • Have freedom to choose the right foods for you.

  • Start today by calling our office at (818) 991-4560 or E-mail Monika .