Problems We Can Help You Solve

“Getting Healthy Can Be Overwhelming Unless You Have A Health Coach”

  1. Managing Stress
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Food Cravings
  4. Low Self Esteem
  5. Low Self Confidence
  6. Day to Day Challenges
  7. Unhealthy Eating Habits
  8. Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices
  9. Poor Sleep Patterns
  10. Feeling unattractive
  11. Little control over your food and your life
  12. Not taking care of yourself
  13. Doing too much—in a state of overwhelm
  14. Putting everyone else in front of you
  15. Putting other people’s wants and needs ahead of your own
  16. Sense of Unworthiness
  17. Feeling unheard
  18. Not having acceptance and compassion for where you are today
  19. Changing addictive patterns around food
  20. Bingeing
  21. Losing weight and then putting it back on—Yoyo Dieting
  22. Unable to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
  23. Feeling not good enough
  24. Losing weight for someone other than yourself
  25. Being the “Heavy One”
  26. Dealing with body changes as we age
  27. Looking older than you want to
  28. Desperation of getting the weight off quickly
  29. Denial about weight gain and fitness level
  30. Trying to do it on your own and failing
  31. Not having a successful system
  32. Fatigue
  33. Feeling sluggish
  34. Poor Health
  35. Feeling uncomfortable in your body
  36. Blaming yourself for everything
  37. Beating yourself up for the way you look
  38. Not fitting into your clothes
  39. Scale Shock
  40. Feeling Old
  41. Pain and Inflammation
  42. Digestive Issues—gas, bloating, constipation
  43. Feeling stuck—tried everything can’t get the weight off
  44. Confused about what to eat
  45. Emotional blocks and old patterns around weight and health
  46. Blaming your genetics
  47. Hopeless about peri-menopausal and menopausal weight gain
  48. Other peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms
  49. PMS symptoms
  50. Needing to look good for a special occasion
  51. Stabilizing moods throughout the day
  52. Stabilizing energy throughout the day
  53. Balancing blood sugar levels
  54. Balancing adrenal hormones
  55. Helping to lower Cholesterol
  56. Finding hidden food allergies and/or sensitivities
  57. Uncovering and helping to heal other health challenges
  58. Referring to other qualified professionals if needed
  59. Feeling mentally foggy and unclear
  60. Taking the right supplements to improve health
  61. Looking Good
  62. Feeling Good

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