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The Skinny Mini Program ™

Prerequisite: None

This program is a shortened version of our signature Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Program.  It lasts 3 weeks with 2  phone or office Skinny Sessions geared to help with accountability and support in general.  This program was created because of my clients need to have a quick program that would get that back on track.  […]

Skinny Jeans Cleanse™

Prerequisite: None

4 week Liver Detoxification Process Three Steps to Detoxify Detoxification regimens generally start with helping your liver, your body’s major detoxification organ. When the liver is working efficiently and effectively, other organs often follow suit. Once the detoxification process begins, digestion, brain function and other physiological processes also tend to work better. The actual detoxification […]

Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Program ™ (Fat Burning)

Prerequisite: None

Lose 5-8 pounds in the first week and up to 3 pounds each week after that!

With the personal coaching you receive, you will feel supported, motivated and so proud of the results you’ll see in the mirror!

Food Allergy Program

Prerequisite: Fat Burning Program
Food Allergy Program

Foods you’ve eaten your whole life may be quietly sabotaging your weight. Just because your throat doesn’t swell up or you don’t have a sneezing attack doesn’t mean these foods are your best friends.

You may be allergic to them. Find the problem foods … And you get an extra Bonus in this Phase II – Continued Weight Loss!

Weight Loss for Life Program

Prerequisite: Fat Burning & Allergy Solution Programs
Weight Loss for Life

You have now entered the Coaching For Health Family—having successfully completed Phase I and Phase II. As a graduate of these 2 wonderful Phases you are now ready for an even more profound step. Our NEW Program keeps you on track over time, limiting some of your worst fears of putting the weight back on. We continue exploring New Ways of helping you stay healthy so you can enjoy health today and in the future. It’s your very own Anti- Aging Health and Healing Program.