Are You Ready to Rebuild Your Body?

Some question I’ve posed this week – right?  Well ever wonder if that could be possible – have a whole new body rather than the one you were born?  The one that you haven’t treated as well as you should or could have?  I’m sure the latter response is a much more possible reason.  But not to worry all is not lost – yet!

You can have the body you want by doing a few strategic things. Here are the tools to Re-Building Your Body:

#1 Believe You Can – I started this newsletter talking about my Vision Board.  If you don’t have a Vision you will not be successful.  You need to believe it’s possible before you ever start out on your journey of re-building and creating the body you desire.  If posting photos of ideal bodies around you works – then do it.  Or perhaps you may want to write about how you will feel, look and dress once you have the body you want. If you connect these various images and thoughts to an emotion, there’s a greater chance that you’ll reach your vision.  Sometimes it may be a matter of just accepting yourself just as you are before you leap to a new you.  Take some time to think about this visioning process – imagine and then take action.

#2 Exercise – I started dancing again and I love it!  I urge you to find something you like to do.  You cannot have optimal health or re-build your body if you don’t move period – it’s that simple. Sitting on the couch watching others exercise or play a sport is just not enough (you knew I’d say that right?).  Why not have some weights near the TV ready for you when you are watching your favorite sit-com.  Or how about investing in a stationary bike - a great way to get some exercise while being entertained at the same time. Time will go by so fast and before you know it you’ve put in 30-60 minutes.

#3 Well Chosen Foods – Portion control, balanced nutrient intake, regularity (both consuming and eliminating) all play a dramatic role in re-building your body. The three major nutrients are  Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats - you need them all.  And you need Vitamins and Minerals found in whole, real foods as well.  There is often some confusion when it comes to carbohydrates, they do not only consist of the starches which you may commonly associate with the word – like bread, pasta, french fries or doughnuts.  Of course these are the ones you want to minimize and possibly completely eliminate from your diet altogether.  There are 5 categories of carbohydrates: vegetables, fruits, nuts & seed, grains, and beans.  Choose mostly from the first two groups – vegetables and fruits.  They will give you the most bang for your buck. Choose carefully, wisely and healthfully.

#4 Get a Coach – you will not keep yourself accountable, unfortunately, all by yourself.  The most optimistic and brave goal setting is wrought with failure to perform and accomplish without the support of a qualified mentor.  How many times have you planned to get started, but you simply didn’t, and then ended up beating yourself up for not doing what you had your heart set on.  There are kinder, gentler and more productive ways of getting the goal or dream accomplished.  Open up to some expert guidance – you are worth it – aren’t you?  If you don’t feel you are, you will definitely benefit from this re-building tip.

# 5  Find a Friend – can be a furry one, too.  Our adorable furry four legged and feathered friends provide so much opportunity to put stress on hold and maybe eliminate it forever.  Rover helps reduce the negative effect of the stress hormone’s cortisol on our body and mind.  You end up feeling utterly relaxed, calm – pumping up the  Joy Factor something everyone can use a little more of – right?  So walk your dog, pet your cat, give your horse a carrot. It’s all good!

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