What’s in Your Stimulus Package?

Here are 5 easy tips to stimulate your economy.

  1. Stay calm. If you are panicked, you will not be healthy. You need to be calm in order to see all the goodness in your life. In order to take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you each day, you must come from a centered place. If you operate from fear, panic, or anxiety, your body and mind will suffer.
  2. Greatest resource you have is your brain. Your ability to create your life is the most potent solution to any problem and of course, everyone needs help to accomplish that. Help from family, friends, trusted colleagues, and professionals who can assist you on your path. It’s really tough, especially for women, to do it on your own. We women need a community, which we can share with, explore, and connect. We need our tribe where we feel accepted and honored each and every day.
  3. Decrease stress—it’s a must! We know stress can easily decrease vitality, strength, and health. Negative thinking can also stress you out. It can affect your cortisol levels, which in turn can prevent you from losing the weight you want to lose, sleeping well, having energy, and looking your best. By decreasing your negativity and focusing on the good things in your life, you will have more peace of mind, more energy and will naturally want to take care of yourself.
  4. Wanting something more. Did you know that most of us want something bigger, better, and more stable in our daily lives? Even though we want to improve, we also want to find the peace we long for and the depth of connection that makes it all worthwhile. I, of course, often wonder what more can I do to help my clients achieve more balance in their busy lives.
  5. Doing less. I am now reading a book entitled “How Not To Be Afraid of Your Own Life” by Susan Piver. The author discusses three forms of laziness. The first is the “regular” kind, where we snooze a little longer on Sunday morning and then laze around the rest of the day. Then there’s discouragement, where we give up too soon before we see the results we want to see. The third type of laziness is actually being too busy. How many of you know about this one? This is actually, where you fill up your schedule and forget about your personal priorities and self-care. Yes, its true being too busy is a way of not doing what you should be doing to make your life rich, rewarding, and fantastic! In this world of overwhelm and no time, it’s certainly something to think about. What if we made time for ourselves every day to center, relax, and regenerate. I think if we did that, the world would actually be a better place.

And here’s a Bonus Tip:

To make your day a little lighter—laugh more, love more, play more and let go more.

Until next time, be well!

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the “Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.” Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit www.coachingforhealth.com.

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