Maintaining Equilibrium

It has been quite challenging to maintain equilibrium in these times. We are inundated with unhealthy media reports, viral load, erratic weather patterns, you name it – this is not an easy time. We hear one report one day and then the very opposite the next day or even on the same day. It’s confusing, and it’s unsettling and it’s downright stressful. So how can we maintain equilibrium? 

Here are a few ideas I have for you to do just that:

#1 Find good news sources. And sources of good news. The “regular” news gets to be too much, too often with very little reprieve. This is why I recommend you take timeouts often throughout the day and throughout your week to center and take a time out.

#2 Eat well. No matter what – it’s important to choose your diet carefully with good nutrition in mind. Sure when life is stressful you may want to reach for unhealthy snacks. In order to manage stress it’s best to choose healthy foods. When you do you’ll be creating a more natural way to calm your system, balance your hormones and have a good night sleep.

#3 Time out to de-stress, meditate, pray or incorporate some art. We all know about the benefits of meditation and quieting the mind but how about picking up a paint brush or making pottery. My Mother used to dry flowers and arrange them into picture frames and create a work of art which decked her walls and still do – bringing her joy and a sense of accomplishment every time she looks at them. Whatever you have had an inkling to create – why not start now when you are spending more time at home.

#4 Zoom. Yes we are now in a Zoom world. Other than business calls they have become a mainstay keeping us connected to friends and family. Nothing like being able to visit at a distance when we are unable to physically be with loved ones. Share a meal together or simply a chat. My husband and I were just invited to a Zoom Wedding.

We are all reinventing. In challenging times remember the simple phrase “This too shall pass”. Stay calm and calm.