Is Your Life Delicious

Yes, I asked it!  It’s a great question, yet something no one ever really asks themselves.  And no I’m not talking about “50 Shades of Grey” here.  I’m talking about Your Dreams. Are you living them?  If not where have they gone?

You may have really good reasons why you’re not living your dreams – your kids, your job, your parents all require your attention right now. You have to put “on hold” what’s really important to you for the time being.

Here’s are 6 Tips on How to Make Life Delicious by Reviving Your Dreams:

Tip #1  Become a Doubt Remover – How do you become a doubt remover when you are surrounded with doubters?  That’s easy surround yourself with believers instead!  I realize that may not be as simple as it sounds considering some of those doubters may be spouses, siblings or co-workers.  Do the best to limit time with those that squash your dreams and that may mean creating a new support system.

Tip #2  Recognize Dreaming is Serious Business – Sure you’ve had dreams all your life even when you were a kid and it was play then –wasn’t it?  Your present dreams may have been created when you were younger but it takes adult action and responsibility to make them come true.  You may also need to review your dream or dreams are they really what you want now?  Have your goals, values and priorities changed?  Are you hanging onto a particular dream simply because it’s a habit for you to do so?  It’s OK to let go of worn out dreams and create new ones.  Then take serious action to accomplish them.

Tip #3  Identify what’s Sucking the Life out of You as quickly as possible.  Do you have little time in your day to focus on what’s really important?  Do you find yourself “drained” at the end of the day?  You want to go to your Yoga Class, you really want to eat a healthy dinner, you are committed to starting writing an article tonight but somehow you just don’t have any energy at all. You choose the wrong foods to eat because they’re convenient – there goes your healthy eating.  You skip yoga because you’re too tired and the article?  Well forget about it.  So what’s really draining you – your job, your relationships, poor food choices, unhealthy communication?  As soon as you can identify “the what”  you can start taking steps to change.  You’ll soon have the energy, focus and determination needed to work on your True Dream.

Tip #4  Take a break – yes, that’s right take a “time out” to go inside and ask what’s true for you now not in the future or in the past.  Give yourself the gift of time to help sort things out.  Whether it’s an afternoon, 2 days or a Vision Quest like Julia Roberts went on in Eat, Pray. Love.  Whatever you can afford – in time, energy and money – decide and then do it.

Tip #5   Keep Agreements with Yourself.  This one is so often ignored it’s not even funny.  We think nobody will know the difference if you “cheat” on your healthy eating program, skip the gym, fritter away hours on Facebook rather than working on the “Dream Project”; maybe it’s the book or what have you.   If you have this habit of continuously cheating yourself out of these small commitments how about the bigger ones – the ones you call your dreams?  Actualization of a dream – whether it’s losing 30 lbs, getting in shape, having better relationships takes time.  It all starts with you. You need to keep your word 1st to yourself – you are worthy of that (aren’t you?) and then to others.

Tip #6  Re-write a New Story – if your story is painful and you keep repeating it you will most likely  continue to suffer, remain stuck and you’ll never find any healing or peace.  Painful stories can be a distraction and keep you from your dreams – creating them and realizing them.   If you are stuck in  an old, unproductive story you won’t have much time or motivation for much of anything else.  Turns out there may be some hidden (and not so hidden) reward in sticking with that old story.  You need to step back and ask yourself – is this pain worth repeating over and over again?  Can I be done with it?  Once you create a new, fresh and inspiring story share it with everyone you know. Share your Dream.

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