Weight Loss for Life Program

Weight Loss for LifeYou must have completed both the Fat Burning and Food Allergy Programs before starting any of the Weight Loss for Life program.

You have now entered the Coaching For Health Family—having successfully completed Phase I and Phase II. As a graduate of these 2 wonderful Phases you are now ready for an even more profound step. Our new program will keep you on track over time, limiting some of your worst fears of putting the weight back on. We will continue exploring new ways of helping you stay healthy so you can enjoy health today and in the future – its your very own anti-aging health and healing program

Sustainability: After completing Phase I and Phase II we are now offering this Maintenance Program. Sustainability is a word we often these days it is usually referring to the health of the planet, but how about the sustainability of your health and vitality? You have worked so hard to look and feel better so let’s keep you there and happy.

Once you have reached your goal weight, we will continue to be here to support you. This ongoing support is a crucial step in maintaining the life changes that you have already made. This support system is designed to keep these positive life changes manageable in the real world. We want you to continue developing competence in your healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. On going coaching teamed with clinical expertise has proven to be an extremely successful tool in maintaining a healthy weight.

I would highly recommend you choose to be a part of this 3rd Phase – Weight Loss For Life for a minimum of 3 months to receive the full benefit and increased self confidence in your newly established behaviors. This program will help you stay on track. It is not easy to make and maintain new behaviors on your own. With the help and guidance of me and my team these profound changes can be sustained.

Here are the results you will receive by choosing this option, which was created especially with you in mind!

  • Staying in the NEW clothes you just purchased after your successful weight loss—making it easy to go to your closet anytime!
  • Remembering and maintaining that feeling of really tasting and absolutely loving what you’re eating—Smart Eating.
  • Continuing YOUR very private and customized personal coaching.
  • Not experiencing panic when the scale goes up a few. You will learn to Know exactly what to do.
  • Staying and feeling healthy and inspired.