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Hi there, it’s Monika and I have some questions to ask you.

Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror and wanted to cry? How about going into your closet and everything is too tight and looks horrible on you—such pain and frustration!

Do you have a holiday, birthday, anniversary, office party, or any other type of celebration around the corner?  Of course, these celebrations are always combined with all the tempting foods and “goodies” around you! How can anyone escape from not gaining those dreaded 10 pounds? Those morsels are so tempting. Yes, you feel yourself starting to feel out of control and begin to eat everything in site! You rationalize, “I can lose weight in January,” right? You’ll fool yourself into that kind of thinking, just like you fooled yourself last year. It’s heartbreaking to think you might end up 10 or even 15 pounds heavier than you were a month or two before. Sounds like a terrible scenario, doesn’t it? However, you know it doesn’t have to become your reality.

How about this scenario instead, waltzing into the celebration party with all eyes on you. They are surprised, proud, and very complimentary. You’re beaming wearing that “new” black cocktail dress. Remember, the one you bought a couple of years ago and couldn’t fit into for the longest time and now you CAN. You look fantastic! You carry yourself with pride, confidence. You’re having a great time and really loving your new body and your new self!

If we told you we have a system guaranteed to help you achieve this kind of success, would you be interested? Our “Weight Loss in a Box” (U-Lite) system will help you lose 5 – 10 pounds in a healthy way. Still interested? What if we told you this system would be easy, effective, and would cost you much less than our custom made Designer Weight Loss programs, would you still be interested?

Skinny JeansIntroducing our NEW Do- it- yourself “Weight Loss in Box” Program! You will receive your very own “U-Lite Kit” in a box containing everything you need to get those 10 pounds off and keep them off—before, during, and after that celebration party. You will receive a manual, yummy packets to help you balance your blood sugar in between meals, and you’ll see your sugar cravings disappear.

Can you imagine entering that party looking slim, trim, and radiant!

So take the fast track to your desired Weight Loss today by starting with your very own “Weight Loss in A Box” That’s right, you can lose between 5 – 10 pounds in three weeks. Not only will you look better and fit into your clothes again, you’ll feel great!

So many of my clients have been asking for an abbreviated version of my ever popular 5-week Designer “Skinny Jeans” weight loss program and here it is, the three week “Weight Loss in a Box” Weight Loss Program!

Here’s a quick DO-IT-YOURSELF program for a fraction of the cost of my designer programs. I created this program in response to everyone’s financial concerns right now and made it easy to get involved with our Coaching for Health group of programs and products.

Yup, “Weight Loss in a Box,” catchy and very effective!

Your very own, fast track three-week weight loss program, so if you want to be ahead of the game and be healthy and beautiful for that upcoming party celebration, purchase today!

Fit into your Skinny Jeans even sooner than you think. Using the same principals as our highly successful designer five-week “Skinny Jeans” Program, the “Weight Loss in a Box” puts you on the fast track and helps you see results even quicker!

You can’t lose! Well, yes you can…5 – 10 pound that is!

Our Do-It-Yourself –“Weight Loss in Box” Program is perfect to get you started and to keep you on your fast track to health!

Remember, you can always buy it now as a gift for yourself or buy it for a loved one—she’ll thank you.

appleYour “Weight Loss in a Box” includes:

  • Program manual that clearly describes what foods you should eat and how much. I promise, you’ll recognize and actually enjoy most of the foods on the list (bacon and avocado, anyone?).
  • 84 pocket-sized, nutrient-rich packets. They’re the reason you won’t be so distracted and hungry between meals. One client especially loves their calming effect and swears her favorite flavor tastes like a chai tea latte.
  • A food scale that works much better than the palm of your hand when it comes to portion sizes. You won’t even miss the extra calories you used to eat just because they were there on your plate.
  • A box of Ketostix. Test strips to help you know if you are in the fat burning zone.
  • WICO Score On-line Questionnaire to take before you start your Weight Loss in a Box Kit. It’ll give you an indication of your present wellness status. Also, includes 1 WICO consultation with Monika.

You’ll be glad you did it when, three weeks from now, you’re standing in front of the mirror admiring how fantastic you look and feel!

“Coaching For Health” Wellness and Weight Loss programs are always well worth every cent. Not only do you get the weight off – you feel so fantastic! After 1 week of strictly following the plan it was like I was always eating this way. And the system is less about limiting the foods in your diet than it is about balancing and portioning them.” ~ Mary Allen, Jump Start Program Graduate

Even if you don’t want to start your program right away, purchase now and start whenever you like.


**If I live in the United States, you should receive the physical package within 2 weeks. (Allow 4 weeks for non-U.S. orders.)**

cfhbuttonOption #1: Weight Loss in a Box plan only $429, pay in full.

cfhbuttonOr, pay in two easy installments of $215.


cfhbuttonOption #2 Weight Loss in a Box plan with 2 health and wellness consultations for only $599, pay in full.

cfhbuttonOr, pay in two easy installments of $300.


I would recommend Option #2 if you plan to continue to lose weight or if you have some specific health concerns.

Healthy Living JournalAlso, you will receive a Special Bonus—my e-book Healthy Living Journal, so don’t miss out and purchase now!

I can’t wait for you to feel slim, trim, and radiant for your next celebration party!

Healthy Blessings,

Monika Klein

Monika Klein, BS, CN
Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach
Designing Your Health!

PS: You can do this program anytime of the year.

PPS: You can choose to do it completely on your own or work with me for (2) 1/2-hour phone consults before you start and once you’ve completed your 3 weeks. Please note the Weight Loss for Life Practitioner (WLFL) reference in your U-Lite Manual refers to the role I play in your program if you should choose to this option.

PPPS: Flexibility is the key. Do this at home, on your own, or with me coaching you.