Healthy Living Journal

Healthy Living JournalI have put together this inspiring book to help you stay on track, stay motivated and help you reach some of your nutrition and health goals. With topics ranging from “Eating and Thinking Green” to “Being Your Child’s Health Coach” you will receive simple, practical tips and inspiring information you can put to use immediately. After each chapter I provide you with a series of questions. You will be encouraged to find your own answers through the magic of journaling. Start making healthy changes that will last…for you and your family.

“Healthy Living Journal” is an online e-book you can easily download for only $19.97, so get your copy today.

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If you prefer reading “Healthy Living Journal” in printed form versus online, for a few dollars more I am also offering a printed version, which will be shipped directly to you at $25.97 (plus a small shipping and handling fee).

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Stress Out: Show Stress Who’s the Boss

Stress Out: Show Stress Who's the BossStress is a constant in our lives, such a constant that we actually don’t realize we are under stress, we think it’s “just part of life.”

Traffic jams, deadlines, eating on the run, we stress when we have bills to pay, job changes, endless chores and too many errands. Our job has stress, not having a job has stress, it’s stressful maintaining your weight, having a relationship is stressful, not being in a relationship is stressful, family responsibilities are stress, and all those other demands on you can be huge amounts of stress. Not to mention those people who really get on your nerves. Our energy is drained, and we feel helpless. Health surveys report that over 70% of people feel stress everyday. You are not alone.

But is there anything that can be done? Yes! There is help!

This book is a joint effort of co-authors like Monika Klein BS, CN, who shares her expert advice and experience.

Clinical Nutritionist, Teacher, and Health and Wellness Spokesperson, Monika Klein has many years in clinical practice offering her own unique health counseling skills and experience. She knows first hand the effect stress can have on a person’s well being. Stress Management is one of the areas she councils with her clients.

Learn more about Stress Out: Show Stress Who’s The Boss and order your paperback copy for just $16.95.