What I Learned from Cats

I start this article telling you about my cat Pushkin – how she was such an integral part of my husband Dennis’s and my life. She aged and became frail. I did everything I could to sustain her life. She decided to leave when I was on my way home from an out of town trip. She died in my husband’s arms at the age of 16. I was shaken to my core – although I’ve lost my father, brother and many others close to me – it was different with Pushkin – she was the closest thing I had to having my own child.


The next day after she passed away hummingbird flew into our home – we also lovingly call these creatures “Joy Birds”.  When I saw the Joy Bird I knew Pushkin was going to be fine.

Our Hummingbird Visitor

It took us up to 1 ½ years to open our home again to 2 new pets – Brian and Mitzi Juniper – very loving, sweet and different from each other.  They continue to delight and surprise us every day.

Brian & Mitizi Juniper

Why I bring up our sweet pets is to demonstrate my interest in healing – or some would say “fixing”.  As I said I tried everything to help Pushkin – so much so that she decided to go before I got back from my trip.  She was ready – I wasn’t.  Not ready to let her go.

Just as I am in my life and my work – I am always trying to find a better way.  How this or that can benefit my husband, my clients, my readers, my family friends and my community.  Inspired solutions come to me often – I am  a seeker, no doubt.  I look for and provide solutions to people’s struggles, pain and confusion.

For me the greatest gift I offer women and my men clients, too is a chance to be free from worry about how they look.  I help them look and feel the best they can or want to.

There may be limits to how far you can reach at one time.  We all face resistance especially when making important and sometimes necessary changes in our lives.

Questions and doubts come up:

Is it worth it?

Maybe I really don’t want this.

This is too hard

and on and on the questioning goes.

So as you begin a New and Wonderful Year know that your course and your choices are exactly as they should be at this time.  You can quit the second guessing and just start to take some baby steps.

The first baby step has to be a chance to check in with yourself without all the noise in your environment and in your head.

What are 3 – only 3 – things you really want to see happen in your life this year?  Imagine it’s January 5th 2014 as you look at your 2013 Goals List – which ones are you checking off as accomplished?

I wish you a wonderful journey this year.

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