Want to Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans this Fall?

It can be done.  It’s seldom about what you are eating but more about what’s eating you.  Once you tackle and conquer this piece you will be well on your way to ultimate health, weight maintenance and happy days ahead.   Ok – I don’t want to convince you about life being perfect when you get to your ideal weight. It never is and never will be but you can get closer to feeling and being healthier if you get to the root of your hazardous eating habits.

I must admit – I am not perfect!  There I’ve said it – I struggle with sugar cravings maybe as much as you do. I am not as consistent with my exercise as I’d like to be. I sometimes do not get 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables into to my diet on a daily basis.  I do my utmost, however, to live a healthy life and make healthy choices as much as possible. I am not perfect nor do I want you to think you need to be either.  I do, however, want you to strive to make healthier habits – that is my mission – it’s my Skinny Jeans Mission.

To let you know when I last wrote about getting into your Skinny Jeans I didn’t own a pair of the “Skinnies” but since then I did purchase not one but 2 pairs of Skinny Jeans.  Even though the Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Programs™  have never been about “Skinny Jeans” but rather about YOU fitting into YOUR Jeans – you know the ones you wear when you feel thinner.  It just happened to coincide with the recent Skinny Jeans trend.  But let’s take it even a step further – this is not just about you fitting into your Jeans but more about YOU Fitting into Your Life.

I have been told by women who want to lose 50 or more lbs that the thought of wearing a pair Skinny Jeans is a joke – something they can’t fathom or imagine putting on.  I will say this loudly and proudly Women over 50 lbs or over 50 years old can and should feel beautiful in their body and find a pair of jeans they feel comfortable in and look good in.

Here Are 5 Skinny Jeans Truths To Consider:

Skinny Jean Truth #1 - Don’t Be afraid To Try them On:  As is everything in life – don’t be afraid to try something new. Stretch a little (and make sure your Skinnies have stretch, too!).  You will never know until you jump in.  I realized when I looked for my own Skinny Jeans I was curious as to how would look in them. Initially there was a bit of trepidation but I soon realized if I didn’t try them on I’d never really know.  So go ahead have fun with them.  The worst that can happen is they don’t fit.  Just like trying on a new habit – don’t be afraid to try it on for size.  And hopefully if it’s a healthy one it’ll stick with you for good.

Skinny Jean Truth #2 – Invite a Friend:  Playing with clothes can be fun if done with a friend.  Whether you are doing retail therapy or finding new ways to put together existing items in your closet.  Doing a Healthy Eating Weight Loss Program is also better with a buddy, too.  Or better yet with your spouse.  If your spouse is supporting you by joining you – your efforts will be much more easily rewarded and results will soon be visible for both of you.  You won’t need to battle with someone bringing tempting foods into the house – you’ll both be on the same page and your plates will reflect that.

Skinny Jean Truth #3 - YOUR Jeans may be another’s Nightmare:  Do not compare yourself to anyone else.   This will make you crazy and very unhappy.  Someone will always have less weight too lose, be a much smaller size, able to eat more or eat things you are not able to.  Or maybe your friend, sister or a co-worker doesn’t even need (or want) to lose weight. We are all different with different needs, wants and desires – respect your uniqueness.  Know that your timeline maybe different, or your genes, background, experience or whatever may be different – honor that about yourself!

Skinny Jean Truth #4 - All Jeans Can Lead YOU to Rome:  If you put one foot in front of the next – you will eventually get to where you want to go.  If you expect overnight success with your weight loss efforts or healthy eating regimen – you may be dissapointed.  You must do what it takes and You MUST take just one step, then the next – each step builds from the one previously.

And then before you know it – Voila – you are there – into your Skinny Jeans!  You have lost the weight, you now eating 5-9 fruits and vegetables per day and you’re going to the gym or exercising in some form every other day.  An important first sign that tells that you’ve arrived  is when you feel something’s missing in your life if you don’t eat right or miss out out on another healthy new lifestyle habit.  And who knows maybe you’ll be in Rome buying your New Jeans.  Well, maybe…

Skinny Jean Truth #5  Find a Transition Jean:  When losing weight – slowly but surely – don’t deprive yourself.  Please don’t think of eating healthfully with quality proteins, good fats and fruits and vegetables as deprivation.  This is the way you need to eat longterm for  optimal health.  As with eating, so too with buying yourself a few new things – like a pair of jeans. When you start to lose weight you’ll want to wear something that flatters you and makes you feel good as you lose your weight. For example: if you have 50 lbs to lose – buy a new pair at the 25 lbs weight loss mark.  I suggest treating yourself as you get to your half way mark to your goal.

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