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7 Revolutionary Lean Laws To Live By

You say you want a Revolution?  Well, maybe not!  Revolution requires an immense amount of focused effort.  I was recently asked by woman who was interested in our programs that if she did everything right and still didn’t lose all the weight she expected to would she be charged.

I feel as though I need to educate my readers and interested clients a little more.  It’s never about a number on the scale although we are very often led to believe that’s all that matters.  Revolutionary changes often take place on the inside.  The scale is not the only indicator of success in a Health, Weight or Wellness Program.  By far it’s so much more than that!

If you start out expecting a certain outcome and another one happens that could possibly be even better, deeper and more long lasting than the original expectation – wouldn’t you be happier? I would think the answer would be yes.

Let’s get to the 7 Revolutionary Lean Laws:

Law #1   Make a Promise to Yourself.  You probably find yourself keeping promises to everyone else but yourself.  If you plan to go to yoga tonight – go.  If you plan to stick with your healthy foods choices while out of town – do the best you can to keep this promise to yourself.  Don’t let other’s priorities influence your choices.

Law #2   Eat Slower.  Did you know eating slower not only helps your digestion but you also will eat less?  This does take practice but you can do it.  Take time to taste, savor and enjoy your food.  Do as the Europeans do “respect food” rather than overeating – possibly shoving it down and eating while doing something else.  Make believe you’re in a Paris Café if that helps.

Law #3   Have a “Vacation State of Mind”.  Don’t wait for Summer Vacation to relax and feel good – start now.  If you are constantly thinking about the future well, of course, you will not appreciate today.  As with food begin to savor the day’s richness and flavor. Plan for smoothness in your life versus always having complications, delays or misunderstandings.  It’s often just as simple as focusing on having ease in your life.  Difficulties create undo stress.  Why not choose to re-route these perceived difficulties and take a detour instead?

Law #4   Things I Miss List.  A client told me today that she’d like to start a “Things I Miss Journal” while doing her Skinny Jeans Program.  I thought that was a brilliant idea. I asked her to add not only food she missed having, which was her original idea, but also habits, activities or experiences that were not part of her life while on her Program.  This is an exercise in awareness. What I have noticed is that list changes and is replaced by a “Things I Like Doing that I didn’t Before”.  Like going to bed earlier, eating regular meals, having 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day or drinking more water.  It’s a sure sign that mind shifts are occurring and starting to anchor in.

Law #5   Falling From Grace.  Another client shared with me today that she’d fallen from grace and started eating foods that she hadn’t eaten in months. She consciously started eating candy, cakes and pasta again.  Her guilt was evident after all she’d reached her goal and had spent a lot of time and money to get there.  But her curiosity got the best of her and she wanted to know how those foods tasted again and also how much she could get away with without gaining any weight.  Well she did gain weight and didn’t feel so well which leads me to our next Law.

Law #6   Your Body Doesn’t Lie. Your body can speak to you loud and clear. Even if you get off track and do gain a few lbs you may find other things are going on in your body as well.  All of a sudden rashes, stomach aches, fatigue, irritability and hot flashes re-appear.  You thought you were done with these annoying symptoms once you lost the weight and now they are back with a vengeance.  It’s most likely due to you re-introducing foods that are not your friends back into your diet.  You may not have a full blown food allergy but rather a subtle and not so subtle food intolerance.  You just don’t feel as good as you did.  Cut out the food culprits whether it’s wheat, sugar, dairy or eggs for a couple of weeks and slowly re-introduce them one food at a time.

Law #7   Trust Your Gut. Digestion is key to having a long and healthy life.  If you suffer from digestive distress such as acid reflux or GERD, IBS, constipation or diarrhea it’s vital you correct this condition as soon as possible.  While visiting Canada last week my niece thanked me for introducing her to Probiotics.  She had been plagued with digestive “issues” and now with one simple remedy taken daily she is transformed.  She feels happier, lighter and healthier.  If you are not digesting properly you aren’t making the best use of the food you are eating.

These “revolutionary” Lean Laws can help you, too.  Take one step today.

Did You Quit

I’ve just created a new saying “If it Doesn’t Fit You Must Have Quit!”  And it’s so true – we all do it – we quit on ourselves.  It can be devastating, depressing and cause a related lack of confidence about ever being able to work on your goal again.

So why do we Quit and what can we do about it?

Here are your 6 Reasons and their Solutions:

#1  Not fully committed to ourselves.  Whether it’s your program or whatever you say you want if you are not on board and totally “All-In” you will sit on the fence and not move forward. The Solution: Committing to yourself starts with believing you are worth it.  If you don’t have that belief you need to hire it.  Get support from a professional who will provide you with all the belief you need until you have it on your own.

#2  Distractions.  Other things take priority which is often a huge issue for women.  You know the re-model, the kids, housecleaning, caring for everyone else (and not yourself.).  The SolutionJust say no to distractions.  Start your day with pen in hand and write down your 5 priorities – nothing else matters until you get these done.  Be laser focused.  It’s the same with bigger goals, too.  If you want to lose weight and be healthy then the next time the cheesecake floats past you at your family dinner let it pass you by.  On a good program you should feel nourished and balanced enough to forego any of these environmental triggers.  Make yourself and your goals a priority.  Unless you have small children everyone else can take care of themselves – really, they can.

#3  Lose Faith.  You are full of self doubt . You wonder “Will this really work?  Is it working? Will it ever work?”  Second guessing by not trusting yourself or who you’re working with is very self sabotaging.  The Solution: A funny thing about health and wellness is it doesn’t come from out of the blue.  Sure when you’re young it doesn’t require much effort to stay healthy and lean.  But as you get older more effort is required.  So if you take the necessary steps to lose weight and/or stay healthy by eating well, having 3 meals a day, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising - you will get the results – there is no doubt.

#4  Wanting a Quick Fix.  Sometimes the problem with healthy weight loss is it takes longer than you’d like in order to see results.  There may be deep complex issues going on whether biochemical or behavioral. The Solution: There is no such thing as a Quick Fix. Even though I call one of my Weight Loss Programs Quick Fix, it isn’t really, it’s very healthy, but it’s a catchy name – don’t you think?  Losing 10 lbs over 2 days is only temporary and the more you engage in this kind of fad the more damage you will do to your body.  Your body’s resilient but you can not continually abuse it without consequences.  Your body most likely will stop losing weight and functioning well.  Do the right thing the right way – slow, gradual and supportive change is the only way to go.

#5  Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.  Also called the Grass is Greener Syndrome. or “I want what she’s having” the classic line from  When Harry Met Sally.  You start something and quit when you see something else then you try that for a short period and quit - setting up this vicious cycleThe Solution: Decide to honor your decision and stick with it.  There will always be something out there that appears better, quicker and easier.  It’s more tantalizing.  You need to stick with your health regimen.  Starting and stopping will never give you what you need and want and it’s hard on both your mind and body.  It will only deplete and depress you.  So decide, do it, get the help you need and see your life change

#6  Listening to Everyone Else.  You think you’re committed but then 5 friends or family members have a better idea and offer their opinion.  You end up being confused and without consulting an expert you quit.  The Solution:  Stop listening to everyone and anyone.  Everyone has an opinion “you should do the Belly Fat or Cookie Diet”  says Aunt Shirley.  Stop the confusion it will only paralyze you and you’ll never get started.  You may not want to tell anyone what you’re doing initially.  Get used to the new program you’re on, work with someone who’ll help you stay the course.  Then let others come to you and ask YOU what YOU’RE doing and what advice YOU can offer THEM.  You have now become the expert of YOU – congratulations!

Are You Designed to be Lean?

Can you really have a Lean Gene Pool or ever win The Skinny Lottery?

Well we all know that your genetic blueprint plays a big part in how you come out and how you develop.  So maybe we should just sing the happy tune by Lady Gaga “I Was Born This Way”. Yes you need to be proud of who you are – maybe a little heavier, having bigger bones, shorter, taller, smaller. You name it – we are all unique and we all have many attributes.

“I’m beautiful in my way cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track baby I was born this way!” go Gaga’s lyrics – and they are so true!

Here are my 5 Ways to Learn to Love, Appreciate and Honor Your Uniqueness:

Way #1  There’s No One Like You:  That’s a huge statement yet very rarely do we really think about how profound it is.  No one else is exactly like you even if you had an identical twin you both still will be very different in many ways.   I started off talking about Lady Gaga – although there may be similarities drawn to Madonna.  Lady Gaga however is still unique unto herself -just as you are.  One of my favorite all time exercises I have clients do as we embark on a Weight Loss Journey is to go home and starting writing about 20-30 things you like about yourself.  This can be daunting but my goal is during our time working together you will find over a hundred + things you like about yourself.

Way #2  Your Environment Can Shape You:  Regardless of genetics your environment plays a significant role in who you become.  Were you nurtured as a child?  More importantly do you nurture yourself today?   I don’t mean spa treatments (although lovely) or 5 Star Hotel Stays.  I am talking about how you talk to yourself.  Do you criticize, judge or blame yourself?  Do you despise what you see in the mirror.  Perhaps despise is too strong a word – Ok – how about agonize over what you see? Of course it’s not simple to embark on a healthy eating or weight loss program and it takes time to see results.  You must start a process of learning new self talk techniques even before you begin to change what and how you’re eating.  Often the 2 happen simultaneously when I work with individuals.

Way #3  Treat Yourself Very Well: One of my husband’s favorite saying is “Be Kind to Yourself”.  It’s one of those salutations that you may not really think deeply about when you hear it.  But how many of us actually are kind to ourselves – really? This is similar to Way #2 but let’s take it a step further.  Do you push yourself too hard, not eat well, deprive yourself of proper sleep, overwork, overeat, start arguments?  All of these are ways of not treating yourself well.  Giving into cravings after you told yourself you’d be strong.  And just for the record strength has nothing to do with it – commitment to a higher goal is what it really takes. Know you are treating yourself well by sticking to healthy food choices – you are worth the extra effort it takes to shop and prepare these virtuous meals.

Way #4  Laugh all the Way Back to Yourself: It’s so vital to laugh daily. It’s THE best medicine there is. Taking yourself too seriously is another way of not appreciating your humanness. You can get so caught up in your routine daily activities and maybe never bother to stop – smile, appreciate and just feel alive! There have been numerous studies showing the many healing benefits of laughter. Did you know that children laugh approximately 200 times per day, adults about 17-20 times. Shocking isn’t it? Start exercising this muscle today.

Way #5   Be Bold:  Don’t shy away from what you really want to have in your life.  You need to claim your wishes and then convert them into reality.  Avoid continuously saying you want something and not take the necessary steps to make them come true.  Boldly go where you must! Your steps don’t need to be leaps.   

Steps are from point A to point B; Leaps are from point A 

You may be ready for a Leap but it’s not necessary to get you to your goal.  If you want to be Lean then claim it for and to yourself first.  And don’t push it off to the side and make it not important – it is! You can have what you want – guaranteed.

So if you are not Lean and want to be the first steps on Your Journey to Leanness are sited in this article the 5 Ways above.


Need Some Healthy, Effective, Skinny Tips Today?

I learn so much from my clients every day. Our sessions are so rich, nourishing and life transforming. One of my clients wrote the following 24 tips without any prompting from me. It wasn’t a homework assignment, it just came to her. While on her Inner Journey to Well Being she is continually discovering who she is in relation to her weight, health and overall view of her life.

Here are Some Skinny Tips for YOU:

1. The first step is the hardest…it starts with YOU!

2. Start a list of foods you think you miss.

3. Find a fun way to package your meals.

4. Spices are friendly. Make a new spice friend.

5. Practice your weighing skills. Man versus machine.

6. If you were inspired by someone let them know.

7. Start your own Skinny Tips List.

8. Try some new combination of foods.

9. Find a role model or be a role model.

10. Tell someone you admire their success.

11. Take a break for YOU!

12. Play with your kids or your grand kids.

13. Call an old friend and ponder your past antics.

14. Curl up with a good book or a challenging puzzle.

15. Take a power nap.

16. Watch a cartoon or kids show.

17. Make a list of your favorite kids meals.

18. What is the next piece of clothing you want to get rid of?

19. Take a pair of Skinny Clothes with you when you go to a party – a great reminder!

20. Share a recipe with a “Skinny Pal”

21. Make a goal and monitor your commitment daily.

22. Give a Tip to a friend.

23. Give yourself a day away from your electronics.

24. Make an extra effort today and stretch to meet the challenge.

Sounds like good advice. What are your Skinny Tips? Please share them with us.


Why aren’t you losing? Are you stuck?

It’s a frustrating place to be – you feel you are doing everything right but the scale has stopped moving or worse still it’s going in the wrong direction!  What is happening – you cry out in a fit of disbelief, self-deprecation and woe!   How can this be? You wonder… Maybe you aren’t being as diligent or as “good” as you could be.  Maybe you had too much fat the other day -which would be the wrong reason as fat alone doesn’t cause weight gain.  Well, in today’s article we will look at some of these “Scale Sticking Factors”.  Some may surprise you.

Here are the major reasons you may be stuck:

#1  Stress. Yes, you probably knew I’d say this all along – didn’t you?

There is no getting around it stress is a killer to your continued weight loss efforts.  The more you reduce it or find effective ways to manage it the better.  Getting control of your stress is the best way to move the scale and start losing fat again.

#2  Exercise is NOT a Weight Loss Strategy.   You may be thinking you need to actually start exercising or worse yet – exercise more to lose the weight.  Wrong, although exercise is essential for overall health and helps to maintain weight loss it does not help you lose weight. Exercise only accounts for 20% of a healthy regimen the remaining 80% is all about your nutrition.  What you put into your mouth is the ultimate key.  You must make changes first in your diet and then add a suitable exercise program.

#3  Sleep. You must make this a priority!  It’s directly tied in with stress.  If you don’t get enough of your Vitamin S (Sleep) your stress hormones such as Cortisol kicks in preventing healthy weight loss. With adequate amounts of sleep you can accomplish much in your day and be able to create a healthy body.  Your mind or body will not function without it.  You will not lose weight and will most likely gain if lack of sleep becomes a habit.

#4 Eating “Healthy” Junk Food.  Never heard of this?  Well I have now classified these foods into this new category.  You think it’s a healthy food but think again.  This category contains the “Heart Healthy” Cheerios, the “Probiotic” sugar laden yogurts, the “Protein” Bars – which are anything but protein, again, usually loaded with sugar and unpronounceable ingredients.  Beware these packaged foods will not help you lose weight and are not a healthy alternative to Real Foods – you know the ones found in Mother Nature?

#5 You really haven’t decided to: You really aren’t focused even though you think and say you  are. You want to lose weight and be healthy but your actions are not saying that at all. Your actions are saying you aren’t serious, you aren’t committed and that being healthier and losing weight is really not that important to you – especially right now.  If not now – then when? Take an honest look at what you are doing and what you are saying you want – is there a conflict?  Remind yourself and even tell another person that you are worth it and will do what it takes.  Promise this to yourself and let your buddy help you stick to it. Be dedicated to yourself. 

This is what you need to focus on daily:

I hope some of these will give you clues as to where you are getting stuck.  If you need more help getting unstuck call us for a quick review.

Exploding Weight Loss Myths

Ok so you’ve made it through the first month of 2013.  How are your goals going so far, in particular your health and weight loss goals?  You may be feeling you’re ready to get some help.  You might have tried it on your own to with zero success.

It’s time to review and overcome some of the resistance you have about ever being successful in this area of your life.  Resistance can be your worst enemy and can be as insidious as you might not even imagine.  Some of the way resistance shows up is by commonly accepted truisms or myths.  Don’t fool yourself.

This week’s article is about exploding some of those myths and here are the top 12 to watch out for.

  1. It’s Short Term - Weight loss and then maintaining a proper weight requires consistent conscious effort and giving your body the proper nutrients it needs. 
  2. Feeling Deprived is All Part of It - You do not need to feel deprived in order to be successful at healthy weight loss.  It’s a mindset 
  3. Do not eat or eat less - Giving your body good, nutritious foods throughout the day is essential for proper weight loss and maintenance. Eating like a bird will not help you lose weight or be healthy.
  4. Exercise Like Crazy - You do not need to stress your body by over-exercising – exercise enough for your weight loss goals and your body type.
  5. Eat only 1 or 2 Types of Foods - Limiting food groups is not a healthy and balanced way to lose to weight.
  6. A calorie is a calorie - Even though a slice of cheesecake may have the same amount of calories as piece of chicken the nutrient quality is not the same and will rob you versus nourish you.
  7. Sleep has nothing to do with weight loss - Without sufficient, quality sleep you will find it very difficult to lose weight and keep it off.
  8. You need to ramp up your metabolism - You need to help your body function more naturally and that does not necessarily have anything to do with speeding up your metabolism which in itself can be very unhealthy.
  9. When you get older you’ll gain weight - Age does not determine weight gain, unhealthy habits do no matter what your age.
  10. I can lose it alone - Many people try to lose weight on their own, but without an accountability partner or coach it becomes difficult as you most likely will let your excuses run rampant.
  11. I’ll be happy when I’m Skinny - Your weight is only a symptom of many things that may be going on in your life, losing weight does not guarantee a happier life. You have to address it all.
  12. Eating Fat is bad for you - You need good, essential fats in your diet daily.  These fats are responsible for healthy hormone balance, beautiful skin, reducing inflammation and much more.

So as you can see there are many myths out there – some of them running your life.  Getting educated and becoming more aware will help you overcome false beliefs and your resistance to doing the right things to take care of yourself.

Do You Want To Be Lean Soon?

With such a successful Women’s Event this past Sunday it got me thinking about women’s struggle with weight and how we can change our perception.  

I often wonder – is there an urgent need to get it off or is it simply a fantasy?  Is “I need to lose some weight” something you’re suppose to say especially if your not donning a pair of Size #2 Skinny Jeans?  Are we women expected to be something we’re not and never will be, but yet to be politically correct, we must yell out “I’m fat!”

Well let’s slow down here – having curves may not be as popular as it once was but heck if you’ve got them be proud of them! If you’re one of the “other” kind of body types – you know the more popular and often envied kind with little or no curves – be proud, too (believe me some aren’t even in this category!).

Studies have shown 95% of a women’s self esteem is based on her body image.  Doing everything you can to appreciate your body today is crucial. If you are having less energy, digestive distress, hormonal imbalances appreciate your body, too and get these issues addressed – the sooner the better.  If you are feeling disassociated from your body; not feeling comfortable in your own skin – it may be time to deal with your emotional as well as physical health.

Having 5, 10, 50 lbs more than you desire requires a concerted effort to rid yourself of excess weight.  However, during this weight loss process it’sessential you treat yourself well both emotional and physically.  Stop berating yourself for losing only 1 lb. in 1 week or having a bigger serving than you actually needed or even that you found yourself being less than pleasant to someone perhaps surprisingly out of character for you – you’re always the demure and civilized one –right?  Stuffing your feelings with food is no longer an option.  Some of your responses may initially surprise or even scare you but just know it’s a natural part of the terrain.

When you are making behavioral changes during your weight loss process – it’s important to know that change takes time. Too fast – it won’t last!  You need to “grow into” your New Habits and into the NEW YOU.  I have often noticed that when there’s a rush to get the weight off and when it finally comes off the behavioral changes have not really been anchored long enough to become permanent. You start taking the focus off healthy eating habits, maintenance is disregarded and the lbs. come back on.

Try these to stay on track during maintenance: 

#1  Remember the Successes.  It’s a good idea to think about how far you’ve come in losing the weight you said you wanted to.  If you find yourself not being perfect one or two days tell yourself you’re doing a food experiment and laugh at yourself and then get back on track immediately.  You must work on healthy self talk and tell yourself you’ve been successful so far and you can continue to remain successful.

#2 Don’t be the Hare. Too fast – like the Hare – will never sustain your balanced weight and healthy habits.  You may find your habits going on vacation and your weight coming home to rest and stay.  Watch out for the signs – sugar every day, eating the same portion as your husband again, and evening snacking.

#3  You’re in it for the Long Haul. Know your weight loss is long term so get used to thinking of it as such.  If you think it’s just temporary – guess what that’s what it will be.  It’s vital you manage your thoughts about your new healthy lifestyle by confirming that you are worth it and staying healthy and lean is the most important thing in your universe. After all – as my mother always says: “Your health is everything!” Don’t be someone who misses having good health but be the person who embraces it.

#4   Starting and Stop.  It takes more energy to get a boulder up a hill but very little to get it down the hill.  Remember this – it’s so much easier to maintain a healthy weight once you’ve lost it then it is to gain it all back again and start over.  It erodes your self esteem and your determination.  It’s also very stressful and wearing on your body as well.

#5  Lean State of Mind  Once you take a step to starting a healthy eating plan or weight loss program something immediately begins to shift in your mind. You start to see weight come off and then you become more of a believer in the possibility that it’s doable for you.  You lose it and Voila you become a new person – a better, more self actualized version of you.  You Shine, you Radiate – YOU are more YOURSELF.  This empowering feeling becomes your new state of mind. No one can take it away from you – it’s yours to keep and to cherish. 

#6 Stick with Tried and True If you have worked with someone in the past – a professional stick with them – they helped you before they can help you again. The ongoing support is crucial if you want to stay lean & healthy long term.

Want to Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans this Fall?

It can be done.  It’s seldom about what you are eating but more about what’s eating you.  Once you tackle and conquer this piece you will be well on your way to ultimate health, weight maintenance and happy days ahead.   Ok – I don’t want to convince you about life being perfect when you get to your ideal weight. It never is and never will be but you can get closer to feeling and being healthier if you get to the root of your hazardous eating habits.

I must admit – I am not perfect!  There I’ve said it – I struggle with sugar cravings maybe as much as you do. I am not as consistent with my exercise as I’d like to be. I sometimes do not get 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables into to my diet on a daily basis.  I do my utmost, however, to live a healthy life and make healthy choices as much as possible. I am not perfect nor do I want you to think you need to be either.  I do, however, want you to strive to make healthier habits – that is my mission – it’s my Skinny Jeans Mission.

To let you know when I last wrote about getting into your Skinny Jeans I didn’t own a pair of the “Skinnies” but since then I did purchase not one but 2 pairs of Skinny Jeans.  Even though the Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Programs™  have never been about “Skinny Jeans” but rather about YOU fitting into YOUR Jeans – you know the ones you wear when you feel thinner.  It just happened to coincide with the recent Skinny Jeans trend.  But let’s take it even a step further – this is not just about you fitting into your Jeans but more about YOU Fitting into Your Life.

I have been told by women who want to lose 50 or more lbs that the thought of wearing a pair Skinny Jeans is a joke – something they can’t fathom or imagine putting on.  I will say this loudly and proudly Women over 50 lbs or over 50 years old can and should feel beautiful in their body and find a pair of jeans they feel comfortable in and look good in.

Here Are 5 Skinny Jeans Truths To Consider:

Skinny Jean Truth #1 - Don’t Be afraid To Try them On:  As is everything in life – don’t be afraid to try something new. Stretch a little (and make sure your Skinnies have stretch, too!).  You will never know until you jump in.  I realized when I looked for my own Skinny Jeans I was curious as to how would look in them. Initially there was a bit of trepidation but I soon realized if I didn’t try them on I’d never really know.  So go ahead have fun with them.  The worst that can happen is they don’t fit.  Just like trying on a new habit – don’t be afraid to try it on for size.  And hopefully if it’s a healthy one it’ll stick with you for good.

Skinny Jean Truth #2 – Invite a Friend:  Playing with clothes can be fun if done with a friend.  Whether you are doing retail therapy or finding new ways to put together existing items in your closet.  Doing a Healthy Eating Weight Loss Program is also better with a buddy, too.  Or better yet with your spouse.  If your spouse is supporting you by joining you – your efforts will be much more easily rewarded and results will soon be visible for both of you.  You won’t need to battle with someone bringing tempting foods into the house – you’ll both be on the same page and your plates will reflect that.

Skinny Jean Truth #3 - YOUR Jeans may be another’s Nightmare:  Do not compare yourself to anyone else.   This will make you crazy and very unhappy.  Someone will always have less weight too lose, be a much smaller size, able to eat more or eat things you are not able to.  Or maybe your friend, sister or a co-worker doesn’t even need (or want) to lose weight. We are all different with different needs, wants and desires – respect your uniqueness.  Know that your timeline maybe different, or your genes, background, experience or whatever may be different – honor that about yourself!

Skinny Jean Truth #4 - All Jeans Can Lead YOU to Rome:  If you put one foot in front of the next – you will eventually get to where you want to go.  If you expect overnight success with your weight loss efforts or healthy eating regimen – you may be dissapointed.  You must do what it takes and You MUST take just one step, then the next – each step builds from the one previously.

And then before you know it – Voila – you are there – into your Skinny Jeans!  You have lost the weight, you now eating 5-9 fruits and vegetables per day and you’re going to the gym or exercising in some form every other day.  An important first sign that tells that you’ve arrived  is when you feel something’s missing in your life if you don’t eat right or miss out out on another healthy new lifestyle habit.  And who knows maybe you’ll be in Rome buying your New Jeans.  Well, maybe…

Skinny Jean Truth #5  Find a Transition Jean:  When losing weight – slowly but surely – don’t deprive yourself.  Please don’t think of eating healthfully with quality proteins, good fats and fruits and vegetables as deprivation.  This is the way you need to eat longterm for  optimal health.  As with eating, so too with buying yourself a few new things – like a pair of jeans. When you start to lose weight you’ll want to wear something that flatters you and makes you feel good as you lose your weight. For example: if you have 50 lbs to lose – buy a new pair at the 25 lbs weight loss mark.  I suggest treating yourself as you get to your half way mark to your goal.

Are YOU Sick and Tired of Trying to Squeeze into…?

Are you thinking that it may be time to give your jeans away because you’ll never fit into them?

Are you sick and tired of squeezing into our…?  Well you name it…

Panic no more, leave the depression behind, grab onto your leather belts and floral scarves… You really don’t have to give up.  You can fit into your clothes again — no fooling.  It does however, take some work.  Hopefully that’s not surprising.  But wait it doesn’t have to mean pushing a boulder up a steep hill – no, not at all.  Believe it or not this is not rocket science – sound nutritional and behavioral science – yes.

Here Are Your 5 Easy-to-Implement
Skinny Tips:

Skinny Tip #1  Believe You Can.  Guess what? We all think we can’t in some area of our lives.  Even the most successful have their doubts – but they still go ahead and feel the fear and you know the rest… yes, they do it anyway. So many things in life are hard but definitely worth it.  I had a client who detoxed her body as she began herSkinny Jeans Program-she felt unwell – tired, headachy, and unfocused.  This lasted a few days and now 2 weeks later she’s feeling more energetic and focused than she has in a long time. She hung in there, believed she could and she’s well on her way to her health and weight goals.

Skinny Tip #2   It’s Not Overnight. Your habits took a while to get comfortable in your body and mind and they kind of want to hang around for a while (like the rest of your life – maybe). But you need to tell those near, dear and unhealthy habits it’s time for a vacation perhaps a permanent one.  You need to boldly make up your mind to make some changes.  If you see you’re exercising habit is well established and you’re still not losing weight you may need to re-think your approach.  Know that even though exercise is essential for good health it is NOT A WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGY.  I need to make this very clear – 80% has to do with your diet – what and how you eat on a daily basis.  Exercise only accounts for 20% in contributing to weight loss.  Right from the get go you need to change your diet and your relationship with your food – absolutely no getting around this.

Skinny Tip#3  Forget about Will Power.  No such thing really.  Having sugar cravings may have originally started with you taking that first bite of cake.  But once you succumb to indulging you often find you just can’t stop.  Sound familiar?  Well science has shown time and again just how our cravings develop and how they effect blood sugar balance to causing the development of a yeast-like imbalance in our digestive system.  This yeast imbalance is called  Candida.  Candida live off sugar and the only way to stop the cycle is to starve the yeast from producing by abstaining from sugar and simple carbohydrates, as well as vinegars, mushrooms and other yeast or mold like food substances.  A good probiotic taken regularly will also stave off this imbalance once the culprit is removed. So again, once it’s out of control in your body, will power plays very little if any a role.

Skinny Tip#4   Make Preparation Nurturing.  So many feel like they don’t have time to prepare healthy meals and wish to hire an elusive healthy gourmet chef. I often counsel my clients about the nurturing and healing aspect of preparing your food.  Do you remember my saying“Let Your Food be Your Medicine and Your Kitchen Be Your Pharmacy”.  Believe it or not your kitchen can be your healing Sanctuary where you take good care of yourself by choosing healthy foods and presenting them in an appealing way.  Sure it takes a little time and some practice but once you get into the habit – you won’t want to go back.  Even if you are preparing your lunches – how satisfying is it to open up a fresh salad with chicken or fish – something you made with your loving hands – fresh and nutritious just waiting for you – don’t you just feel so pampered?  Yes, embrace this important healthy strategy – it’s good for you.

Skinny Tip #5   Say no to GMO.  Did you know Genetically Modified Organismsmay be the culprit in not only your weight gain but allergies and most of the health challenges you or your loved ones may be experiencing.  They can negatively alter your digestion, metabolism and you and your family’s overall health.  GMO’s are found in common foods like corn, cornmeal, soy, alfalfa, zucchini and yellow crook neck squash to name a few.

If you’d like to know more view this extraordinary film about Genetically Modified Organisms which you may, unknowingly, be ingesting on a regular based. Watch the film entitled: Genetic Roulette.

For a minimum donation of $2.99 going to the Institute for Responsible Technology you can watch this revealing film.

Click here

So you see, it’s not that hard to stop squeezing into those clothes and saying hello to a slimmer, leaner you.  The next time you look in the mirror tell yourself -“I can and I will”. And then take your 1st step and stick with it.

5 Tips on Managing this Year’s Holiday Season

You know the holidays are coming up on us just like snowstorm. We look out the window and there it is snow. We can’t see our way out of the garage. We are unable to maneuver on the streets. You may wonder, how Monika would know about this, she lives in Southern California. Believe me, I know. I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada—cold, windy, and long. For six months of the year cold is the norm. This is the very reason I live where I live now. Not saying that I might never live again in a climate as challenging as what I grew up with; however, for now I’ll bask (not too long, of course) in the rays of the Southern California sun.

Now back to the holidays coming upon us so quickly. Weeks away from Thanksgiving, our thoughts can’t help going towards the inevitable, preparation and all the subsequent stress attached. Always the rule of the day, isn’t it?

I invite you to add these tips to your holiday arsenal for managing the stress of this yearly ritual.

Tip #1: Don’t go to a social event starving. You are bound to overeat and will usually do so by eating the wrong things. Have a healthy and nourishing snack beforehand comprising of a little bit of protein (1/2-1 oz) and a healthy carbohydrate like carrots, apples, or a whole grain cracker. This will help stave off any drop in blood sugar you may experience, which is really the cause of your overeating in this situation. You may start eating anything and everything in site if you don’t manage your destined blood sugar fluctuations in advance.

Tip #2: Don’t over-schedule. It’s not a race. Try and choose only one or two events per week, no more. You will only get exhausted, drained, and may end up doing a lot of stress eating and drinking. We are so trained in our society to say, “Yes,” to everything during the holidays. Go there, come over, drop by, even if it’s “just a short visit.” The ongoing activity can seriously drain your adrenals and nervous systems. Even though it may be fun, being over-obligated is a strain. Just choose carefully and try to pace yourself.

Tip #3: Take a break. You don’t have to be Ebenezer Scrooge and work right through the holidays. Ebenezer, prior to his transformation, was not a generous man, not with his money nor his with his spirit. He was unable to give of himself. I want you to start being generous and give yourself the gift of time—time to recoup, assess, regenerate, and R-E-L-A-X. Don’t let relaxation be a nice concept and throw up your hands and say, “It’s literally impossible for ME!” Make a choice and dedicate a certain amount of time to yourself every day. You will be better able to handle what comes up during the rest of the day if you do this one small thing for yourself.

Tip #4: Don’t overspend. During the holidays, we end up feeling obligated to spend, spend, and spend. Half the time we don’t even know what to buy and why we are buying something, anything, just for the sake of having something to give. There’s no need to be extravagant. Giving something small, something you put some thought into, is worth more than giving or getting just anything.

The other day, my husband and I were celebrating our 11th Wedding Anniversary. I was picking out photos from a magazine to put on my new dream board someday. I looked at a few of the photos and became inspired to create an anniversary card from scratch. Sure, I could have purchased a card, but the act of putting in a few minutes and putting some creativity and heart into this card made it even more special for both of us. This is just an example of doing something small yet meaningful for those in your life. Make sure you focus your spending on the important things like your health, beauty, and joy for you and your family.

Tip #5: Stay home. Yes, that’s right. You do not need to travel every year. Have friends and family visit you this year. You can actually have more control of your environment, food, and time when you do this, especially with your diet. You can have a little more control over what does come into your house.

Regarding your environment, add something different to your home this year, making it special, comforting, and festive. Extravagance is not necessarily the order of the day. Remember, you can do something special with your surroundings not just during the holidays, but also all year round. Think Martha Stewart—every day is festive when she’s around.

So plan for an extraordinary heart felt time this year. Keep trimness, harmony, and pacing in mind, while maintaining your stamina and you will easily experience joy. You won’t be sorry.

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the “Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.” Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit