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Are You Designed to be Lean?

Can you really have a Lean Gene Pool or ever win The Skinny Lottery?

Well we all know that your genetic blueprint plays a big part in how you come out and how you develop.  So maybe we should just sing the happy tune by Lady Gaga “I Was Born This Way”. Yes you need to be proud of who you are – maybe a little heavier, having bigger bones, shorter, taller, smaller. You name it – we are all unique and we all have many attributes.

“I’m beautiful in my way cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track baby I was born this way!” go Gaga’s lyrics – and they are so true!

Here are my 5 Ways to Learn to Love, Appreciate and Honor Your Uniqueness:

Way #1  There’s No One Like You:  That’s a huge statement yet very rarely do we really think about how profound it is.  No one else is exactly like you even if you had an identical twin you both still will be very different in many ways.   I started off talking about Lady Gaga – although there may be similarities drawn to Madonna.  Lady Gaga however is still unique unto herself -just as you are.  One of my favorite all time exercises I have clients do as we embark on a Weight Loss Journey is to go home and starting writing about 20-30 things you like about yourself.  This can be daunting but my goal is during our time working together you will find over a hundred + things you like about yourself.

Way #2  Your Environment Can Shape You:  Regardless of genetics your environment plays a significant role in who you become.  Were you nurtured as a child?  More importantly do you nurture yourself today?   I don’t mean spa treatments (although lovely) or 5 Star Hotel Stays.  I am talking about how you talk to yourself.  Do you criticize, judge or blame yourself?  Do you despise what you see in the mirror.  Perhaps despise is too strong a word – Ok – how about agonize over what you see? Of course it’s not simple to embark on a healthy eating or weight loss program and it takes time to see results.  You must start a process of learning new self talk techniques even before you begin to change what and how you’re eating.  Often the 2 happen simultaneously when I work with individuals.

Way #3  Treat Yourself Very Well: One of my husband’s favorite saying is “Be Kind to Yourself”.  It’s one of those salutations that you may not really think deeply about when you hear it.  But how many of us actually are kind to ourselves – really? This is similar to Way #2 but let’s take it a step further.  Do you push yourself too hard, not eat well, deprive yourself of proper sleep, overwork, overeat, start arguments?  All of these are ways of not treating yourself well.  Giving into cravings after you told yourself you’d be strong.  And just for the record strength has nothing to do with it – commitment to a higher goal is what it really takes. Know you are treating yourself well by sticking to healthy food choices – you are worth the extra effort it takes to shop and prepare these virtuous meals.

Way #4  Laugh all the Way Back to Yourself: It’s so vital to laugh daily. It’s THE best medicine there is. Taking yourself too seriously is another way of not appreciating your humanness. You can get so caught up in your routine daily activities and maybe never bother to stop – smile, appreciate and just feel alive! There have been numerous studies showing the many healing benefits of laughter. Did you know that children laugh approximately 200 times per day, adults about 17-20 times. Shocking isn’t it? Start exercising this muscle today.

Way #5   Be Bold:  Don’t shy away from what you really want to have in your life.  You need to claim your wishes and then convert them into reality.  Avoid continuously saying you want something and not take the necessary steps to make them come true.  Boldly go where you must! Your steps don’t need to be leaps.   

Steps are from point A to point B; Leaps are from point A 

You may be ready for a Leap but it’s not necessary to get you to your goal.  If you want to be Lean then claim it for and to yourself first.  And don’t push it off to the side and make it not important – it is! You can have what you want – guaranteed.

So if you are not Lean and want to be the first steps on Your Journey to Leanness are sited in this article the 5 Ways above.


Do You Want To Be Lean Soon?

With such a successful Women’s Event this past Sunday it got me thinking about women’s struggle with weight and how we can change our perception.  

I often wonder – is there an urgent need to get it off or is it simply a fantasy?  Is “I need to lose some weight” something you’re suppose to say especially if your not donning a pair of Size #2 Skinny Jeans?  Are we women expected to be something we’re not and never will be, but yet to be politically correct, we must yell out “I’m fat!”

Well let’s slow down here – having curves may not be as popular as it once was but heck if you’ve got them be proud of them! If you’re one of the “other” kind of body types – you know the more popular and often envied kind with little or no curves – be proud, too (believe me some aren’t even in this category!).

Studies have shown 95% of a women’s self esteem is based on her body image.  Doing everything you can to appreciate your body today is crucial. If you are having less energy, digestive distress, hormonal imbalances appreciate your body, too and get these issues addressed – the sooner the better.  If you are feeling disassociated from your body; not feeling comfortable in your own skin – it may be time to deal with your emotional as well as physical health.

Having 5, 10, 50 lbs more than you desire requires a concerted effort to rid yourself of excess weight.  However, during this weight loss process it’sessential you treat yourself well both emotional and physically.  Stop berating yourself for losing only 1 lb. in 1 week or having a bigger serving than you actually needed or even that you found yourself being less than pleasant to someone perhaps surprisingly out of character for you – you’re always the demure and civilized one –right?  Stuffing your feelings with food is no longer an option.  Some of your responses may initially surprise or even scare you but just know it’s a natural part of the terrain.

When you are making behavioral changes during your weight loss process – it’s important to know that change takes time. Too fast – it won’t last!  You need to “grow into” your New Habits and into the NEW YOU.  I have often noticed that when there’s a rush to get the weight off and when it finally comes off the behavioral changes have not really been anchored long enough to become permanent. You start taking the focus off healthy eating habits, maintenance is disregarded and the lbs. come back on.

Try these to stay on track during maintenance: 

#1  Remember the Successes.  It’s a good idea to think about how far you’ve come in losing the weight you said you wanted to.  If you find yourself not being perfect one or two days tell yourself you’re doing a food experiment and laugh at yourself and then get back on track immediately.  You must work on healthy self talk and tell yourself you’ve been successful so far and you can continue to remain successful.

#2 Don’t be the Hare. Too fast – like the Hare – will never sustain your balanced weight and healthy habits.  You may find your habits going on vacation and your weight coming home to rest and stay.  Watch out for the signs – sugar every day, eating the same portion as your husband again, and evening snacking.

#3  You’re in it for the Long Haul. Know your weight loss is long term so get used to thinking of it as such.  If you think it’s just temporary – guess what that’s what it will be.  It’s vital you manage your thoughts about your new healthy lifestyle by confirming that you are worth it and staying healthy and lean is the most important thing in your universe. After all – as my mother always says: “Your health is everything!” Don’t be someone who misses having good health but be the person who embraces it.

#4   Starting and Stop.  It takes more energy to get a boulder up a hill but very little to get it down the hill.  Remember this – it’s so much easier to maintain a healthy weight once you’ve lost it then it is to gain it all back again and start over.  It erodes your self esteem and your determination.  It’s also very stressful and wearing on your body as well.

#5  Lean State of Mind  Once you take a step to starting a healthy eating plan or weight loss program something immediately begins to shift in your mind. You start to see weight come off and then you become more of a believer in the possibility that it’s doable for you.  You lose it and Voila you become a new person – a better, more self actualized version of you.  You Shine, you Radiate – YOU are more YOURSELF.  This empowering feeling becomes your new state of mind. No one can take it away from you – it’s yours to keep and to cherish. 

#6 Stick with Tried and True If you have worked with someone in the past – a professional stick with them – they helped you before they can help you again. The ongoing support is crucial if you want to stay lean & healthy long term.

Want to Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans this Fall?

It can be done.  It’s seldom about what you are eating but more about what’s eating you.  Once you tackle and conquer this piece you will be well on your way to ultimate health, weight maintenance and happy days ahead.   Ok – I don’t want to convince you about life being perfect when you get to your ideal weight. It never is and never will be but you can get closer to feeling and being healthier if you get to the root of your hazardous eating habits.

I must admit – I am not perfect!  There I’ve said it – I struggle with sugar cravings maybe as much as you do. I am not as consistent with my exercise as I’d like to be. I sometimes do not get 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables into to my diet on a daily basis.  I do my utmost, however, to live a healthy life and make healthy choices as much as possible. I am not perfect nor do I want you to think you need to be either.  I do, however, want you to strive to make healthier habits – that is my mission – it’s my Skinny Jeans Mission.

To let you know when I last wrote about getting into your Skinny Jeans I didn’t own a pair of the “Skinnies” but since then I did purchase not one but 2 pairs of Skinny Jeans.  Even though the Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Programs™  have never been about “Skinny Jeans” but rather about YOU fitting into YOUR Jeans – you know the ones you wear when you feel thinner.  It just happened to coincide with the recent Skinny Jeans trend.  But let’s take it even a step further – this is not just about you fitting into your Jeans but more about YOU Fitting into Your Life.

I have been told by women who want to lose 50 or more lbs that the thought of wearing a pair Skinny Jeans is a joke – something they can’t fathom or imagine putting on.  I will say this loudly and proudly Women over 50 lbs or over 50 years old can and should feel beautiful in their body and find a pair of jeans they feel comfortable in and look good in.

Here Are 5 Skinny Jeans Truths To Consider:

Skinny Jean Truth #1 - Don’t Be afraid To Try them On:  As is everything in life – don’t be afraid to try something new. Stretch a little (and make sure your Skinnies have stretch, too!).  You will never know until you jump in.  I realized when I looked for my own Skinny Jeans I was curious as to how would look in them. Initially there was a bit of trepidation but I soon realized if I didn’t try them on I’d never really know.  So go ahead have fun with them.  The worst that can happen is they don’t fit.  Just like trying on a new habit – don’t be afraid to try it on for size.  And hopefully if it’s a healthy one it’ll stick with you for good.

Skinny Jean Truth #2 – Invite a Friend:  Playing with clothes can be fun if done with a friend.  Whether you are doing retail therapy or finding new ways to put together existing items in your closet.  Doing a Healthy Eating Weight Loss Program is also better with a buddy, too.  Or better yet with your spouse.  If your spouse is supporting you by joining you – your efforts will be much more easily rewarded and results will soon be visible for both of you.  You won’t need to battle with someone bringing tempting foods into the house – you’ll both be on the same page and your plates will reflect that.

Skinny Jean Truth #3 - YOUR Jeans may be another’s Nightmare:  Do not compare yourself to anyone else.   This will make you crazy and very unhappy.  Someone will always have less weight too lose, be a much smaller size, able to eat more or eat things you are not able to.  Or maybe your friend, sister or a co-worker doesn’t even need (or want) to lose weight. We are all different with different needs, wants and desires – respect your uniqueness.  Know that your timeline maybe different, or your genes, background, experience or whatever may be different – honor that about yourself!

Skinny Jean Truth #4 - All Jeans Can Lead YOU to Rome:  If you put one foot in front of the next – you will eventually get to where you want to go.  If you expect overnight success with your weight loss efforts or healthy eating regimen – you may be dissapointed.  You must do what it takes and You MUST take just one step, then the next – each step builds from the one previously.

And then before you know it – Voila – you are there – into your Skinny Jeans!  You have lost the weight, you now eating 5-9 fruits and vegetables per day and you’re going to the gym or exercising in some form every other day.  An important first sign that tells that you’ve arrived  is when you feel something’s missing in your life if you don’t eat right or miss out out on another healthy new lifestyle habit.  And who knows maybe you’ll be in Rome buying your New Jeans.  Well, maybe…

Skinny Jean Truth #5  Find a Transition Jean:  When losing weight – slowly but surely – don’t deprive yourself.  Please don’t think of eating healthfully with quality proteins, good fats and fruits and vegetables as deprivation.  This is the way you need to eat longterm for  optimal health.  As with eating, so too with buying yourself a few new things – like a pair of jeans. When you start to lose weight you’ll want to wear something that flatters you and makes you feel good as you lose your weight. For example: if you have 50 lbs to lose – buy a new pair at the 25 lbs weight loss mark.  I suggest treating yourself as you get to your half way mark to your goal.

Are YOU Sick and Tired of Trying to Squeeze into…?

Are you thinking that it may be time to give your jeans away because you’ll never fit into them?

Are you sick and tired of squeezing into our…?  Well you name it…

Panic no more, leave the depression behind, grab onto your leather belts and floral scarves… You really don’t have to give up.  You can fit into your clothes again — no fooling.  It does however, take some work.  Hopefully that’s not surprising.  But wait it doesn’t have to mean pushing a boulder up a steep hill – no, not at all.  Believe it or not this is not rocket science – sound nutritional and behavioral science – yes.

Here Are Your 5 Easy-to-Implement
Skinny Tips:

Skinny Tip #1  Believe You Can.  Guess what? We all think we can’t in some area of our lives.  Even the most successful have their doubts – but they still go ahead and feel the fear and you know the rest… yes, they do it anyway. So many things in life are hard but definitely worth it.  I had a client who detoxed her body as she began herSkinny Jeans Program-she felt unwell – tired, headachy, and unfocused.  This lasted a few days and now 2 weeks later she’s feeling more energetic and focused than she has in a long time. She hung in there, believed she could and she’s well on her way to her health and weight goals.

Skinny Tip #2   It’s Not Overnight. Your habits took a while to get comfortable in your body and mind and they kind of want to hang around for a while (like the rest of your life – maybe). But you need to tell those near, dear and unhealthy habits it’s time for a vacation perhaps a permanent one.  You need to boldly make up your mind to make some changes.  If you see you’re exercising habit is well established and you’re still not losing weight you may need to re-think your approach.  Know that even though exercise is essential for good health it is NOT A WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGY.  I need to make this very clear – 80% has to do with your diet – what and how you eat on a daily basis.  Exercise only accounts for 20% in contributing to weight loss.  Right from the get go you need to change your diet and your relationship with your food – absolutely no getting around this.

Skinny Tip#3  Forget about Will Power.  No such thing really.  Having sugar cravings may have originally started with you taking that first bite of cake.  But once you succumb to indulging you often find you just can’t stop.  Sound familiar?  Well science has shown time and again just how our cravings develop and how they effect blood sugar balance to causing the development of a yeast-like imbalance in our digestive system.  This yeast imbalance is called  Candida.  Candida live off sugar and the only way to stop the cycle is to starve the yeast from producing by abstaining from sugar and simple carbohydrates, as well as vinegars, mushrooms and other yeast or mold like food substances.  A good probiotic taken regularly will also stave off this imbalance once the culprit is removed. So again, once it’s out of control in your body, will power plays very little if any a role.

Skinny Tip#4   Make Preparation Nurturing.  So many feel like they don’t have time to prepare healthy meals and wish to hire an elusive healthy gourmet chef. I often counsel my clients about the nurturing and healing aspect of preparing your food.  Do you remember my saying“Let Your Food be Your Medicine and Your Kitchen Be Your Pharmacy”.  Believe it or not your kitchen can be your healing Sanctuary where you take good care of yourself by choosing healthy foods and presenting them in an appealing way.  Sure it takes a little time and some practice but once you get into the habit – you won’t want to go back.  Even if you are preparing your lunches – how satisfying is it to open up a fresh salad with chicken or fish – something you made with your loving hands – fresh and nutritious just waiting for you – don’t you just feel so pampered?  Yes, embrace this important healthy strategy – it’s good for you.

Skinny Tip #5   Say no to GMO.  Did you know Genetically Modified Organismsmay be the culprit in not only your weight gain but allergies and most of the health challenges you or your loved ones may be experiencing.  They can negatively alter your digestion, metabolism and you and your family’s overall health.  GMO’s are found in common foods like corn, cornmeal, soy, alfalfa, zucchini and yellow crook neck squash to name a few.

If you’d like to know more view this extraordinary film about Genetically Modified Organisms which you may, unknowingly, be ingesting on a regular based. Watch the film entitled: Genetic Roulette.

For a minimum donation of $2.99 going to the Institute for Responsible Technology you can watch this revealing film.

Click here

So you see, it’s not that hard to stop squeezing into those clothes and saying hello to a slimmer, leaner you.  The next time you look in the mirror tell yourself -“I can and I will”. And then take your 1st step and stick with it.

7 Lessons I Learned from Dancers

In my 20s, I danced for a dance group called Imram in Vancouver Canada. At the same time, I was pursuing a career in television. I almost had a TV series I had created picked up by a National Canadian Television Network, which was exciting. It focused on people in various fields who showed promise and were becoming noticed for their skill, knowledge, and talents. I had always loved dancing, so I continued my dance classes in contemporary, jazz, and ballet. I loved it. It kept me sane, fit, and happy. However, I didn’t pursue a career in dance.

Now that I have a wonderful health and wellness practice, I still make time for my dancing and physical fitness. I’m lucky to have great studios and gyms in close proximity to where I live. On a daily basis, I make the effort to do some sort of movement, so I feel in tune with my body and my spirit.

When I first started dancing many years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to how profound the lessons were. However, I’ve come to realize they can teach us a lot about life, our spirit, and our wellbeing. Here are seven lessons we can all learn from.

  1. Hang around people who you want to be like.
    Dancers are beautiful no doubt about it. They are so fit and so “into their bodies” that they almost seem to float whenever they walk. They enter a room full of grace and poise. It’s easy to be swept away in their “lightness of being.” Dance is usually in their blood—they love it. As you can certainly see when witnessing the popular TV shows “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars.” Sure, they could just commit to an exercise regimen; however, they would rather use their bodies in an artistic way.

    So hang around people you want to be like, whether they are at the fitness, wellness, career, or spiritual level you want to be at. You’ll have a better chance of being inspired by those you surround yourself with. It’s motivating and uplifting—that’s for sure.

    Who are YOU hanging around? (Think about it.)

  2. Consistency is the key for long-term success.
    Dancers know that a beautifully fit body is built over time. And even if they take some time off, they’ll bounce back quickly because of all the training they’ve done over the years. It’s called “muscle memory.” Your body remembers your shape and can easily “snap back” into place.

    In the same way, you can bounce back as well. That is, as long as you stay connected to your gym, your health coach, or your healthy eating plan on a regular basis. It’ll help you remember who you are and what you need, even if you take a break.

  3. Ups and downs are a part of the process.
    Dancers always know that success comes in cycles. It’s physically damaging for them to try to be on stage at all times. They know their limits. They push themselves sure enough; however, they know when to stop before they break down—well, usually. There are times, I’ve experienced this myself, when injuries or accidents do happen. If you are fit and healthy, the recuperation period usually takes less time.

    Your health and wellness programs often go in cycles as well. You can be focused on it for a while, then ease back for a bit. Don’t worry when there’s an “off track period” like holidays, vacations, and birthdays. Just make sure you get back on track immediately after or you might stay of track longer than is best for you, requiring a lot more effort later on. Get back on your healthy eating, exercising, and mindset schedule. You may want to mix up your exercise and some of your regular foods a little, so your body and mind don’t get bored.

  4. Hard work is part of the game.
    Dancers don’t wake up and say, “I don’t feel like practicing today.” They just do it, especially if they are professionals or have aspirations of becoming professional someday. It becomes part of their schedule and part of their lives, the very essence of the fabric of their daily lives. Their commitment to their goal ensures success.

    How many of you secretly wish your success would be handed to you on a silver platter? I’m all about ease and simplicity; however, we need to realize there’s some work involved. The solution is to make the hard work pay off and be fun. By doing what you love to do and taking good care of yourself by taking time off, getting help, eating smart, and exercising regularly, it will give you the energy and stamina you need, making you feel rewarded and full of life.

  5. Model others who are already doing what you want to do.
    Dancers don’t try to invent their dances from scratch, unless they are also choreographers. They look at and study what the top dancers are doing. Dancers who are performing exquisitely and training regularly are the ones aspiring dancers are copying. By doing this, they start to develop a precise formula for their own success, talent, and skill. Often, but certainly not always, they are usually eating the right diet, which fuels their bodies properly, getting the right amount of sleep, and studying with the best teacher available. They are committed to their art.

    Please don’t reinvent the wheel when there are others who know how to get you where you want to go with your health, wellness, and/or weight loss. Find an expert who can help you accomplish your health, wellness, and life goals. Model them as well. Don’t model others who are not committed to their overall health and wellbeing. Model those who you want to emulate, the ones who are experiencing the immense health, radiance, energy, stamina, shape, and success you dream of!

  6. Find a mentor or coach for faster results.
    I don’t know of any dancer who got to where he or she is all alone—it’s impossible. Most dancers dance in a group or company. If they are just dancing for the pure pleasure of dance, they take classes in groups and with a teacher. Every dancer trains with teachers and takes many dance classes. A good teacher or mentor will understand them, their desires, their strengths and weaknesses, and their dreams. Someone who will be with them every step of the way while they get better and better. Does this cost them a lot of time, energy and money? Yes, usually. However, they don’t look at what it costs. They look at what it’s worth. They’re fast forwarding their success and abilities, and that is priceless.

    I know many people who have wasted thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to lose weight and end up putting it back on. They never really learn how to eat well to nourish and develop life long skills, and abilities to eat smart and healthy—long term—and to look at some of the issues that causes this. Don’t make that mistake. I’ve also been there. Stop struggling. First invest in yourself and work with someone who’ll show you the best way, maybe for the first and hopefully last time. As a very happy client of mine once said, “It’s only expensive if it doesn’t work, but Monika’s programs work.”

  7. Show off what you’ve got!
    You can be sure the dancers aren’t meek about their hard work, fit bodies, and their artistic abilities and accomplishments. They show off their hard work with beauty and grace in their performance and in their everyday life. They usually look fantastic and move with such ease. They feel so comfortable in their own skins. They are proud of their accomplishments and their assets as well.

    Even if you don’t have it all (yet), show off what you DO have. Strut your best stuff and speak positively about your journey and your life. Be proud of who you are and no apologies please. Feel powerful and strong in your success. Whatever those successes are—big or small—we’ll praise them all.

    Dance into wellness…

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the “Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.” Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit

Need to Transform Yourself?

I like to consider myself an alchemist and an artist in the work I do. I help you transform your body and usually your mind. I’m sure you have heard when Michelangelo gazed at a piece of marble, he saw the beauty and essence of the piece of art he was about to sculpt. Sometimes I too feel like Michelangelo when I first start working with a client. I see what clients can become after our transformational work together. I feel confident knowing that my clients’ natural health and beauty will start shining through more brilliantly than ever in just a few short weeks. With my guidance, many of my clients transform their lives during the remarkable journey we take together.

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight however. We live in a quick fix culture. We want overnight results. Just take a pill, buy a new outfit, get your hair and make-up done, and all of a sudden, voila, we are changed, we are different…well not so fast. Is this temporary quick fix an illusion? Really true transformation does take time. It may not take forever, but it does take time.

I would encourage you to start thinking about the type of transformation you want to make in your health, your body, and your life. What do you really want to have? What kind of transformation do you want in your life today? What do you want in the next few months, in six months, by the end of 2009, or the end of 2010? What things do you really want to change and what do you want to let go? What do you want to become more of?

I urge you to think about some of the things you’ve tried before, which might not have turned out as you had imagined. Was your goal too vague or was it an unattainable quick fix? Or were you ever successful at something initially and it only provided short success? Even though transformation occasionally seems immediate, true transformation happens slowly and methodically, and inevitably gets you what you really want in life. You need to dream, to plan, and then take action.

When it comes to my business in health and weight loss, I help you make an intelligent and committed choice to lose weight and be healthy. Getting into your Skinny Jeans may be what you want. Even though that looks like the ultimate transformation, first and foremost, it’s really an inside job.

You start by making better food choices, being more consistent with your exercise regimen, you go to sleep earlier, and you stop watching too much TV. The changes start adding up and your lifestyle changes. You feel better about yourself and you look physically different, as well. You begin to feel healthier, lighter, and more vibrant, as if you can do almost anything. You feel more confidant and proud of yourself. The transformation of our Skinny Jeans Program doesn’t take forever and it doesn’t happen overnight either (as I mentioned earlier). However, somewhere in the middle it’s doable, realistic, and the results are astounding.

Like some of the things I hear daily in my office.

  • “I’m amazed I’m not hungry!”
  • “I’m amazed I’m feeling so much better!” 
  • “I can’t believe I really don’t need as much food as I thought I did!” 
  • “I can’t believe how good food actually tastes!”

Daily I see the healthy, beaming glow, which is an amazing transformation! Clients who I have phone consultations with will also tell me about the many compliments they are getting.

So is this something you want in your life this year? Or is there something else? We all want good health, great relationships, money, and work we love. What are the specifics for you? Take time to think about it, create your plan, and then get started.

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the “Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.” Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit

An Empowered Woman Interview with Monika

Here is Desiree Doubrox, founder of An Empowered Woman, and our radio interview from last week. Enjoy!

Listen to An Empowered Woman Interview with Monika

Here are the highlights of the interview.

Desiree: What’s the one thing you see over and over again in your practice that prevents women from losing weight?

Monika: Women are stressed out and not taking care of themselves—making everyone else a priority. Women often feel like a failure and then they just give up, and lose themselves. Again, they are not making themselves a priority by becoming overwhelmed and too busy.

Desiree: What brought you into this field?

Monika: I wanted to help people using natural techniques, methods, foods, and products. I saw my mother’s organic garden every day and knew the food from it tasted exceptional. I knew right from the get go that much of our health and wellness can be derived from nature and mother earth. We can make our lives simple, nourishing, and balanced, as well as productive, successful, and prosperous.

Desiree: What makes your weight loss programs different from everyone else out there?

Monika: Well, I use a proven system first off. I help with the basics of combining proper proteins and carbohydrates, which help to balance blood sugar and stress hormones, and in turn balance all of our hormones. I actually call it hormonal eating. We also address possible food allergies or food sensitivities a person may have. We work on the physical or biochemical as well as the emotional and psychological levels in our sessions. I really try and help women (and I do work with men, too) get to the root of “what’s eating them” and how we can stop using food for things other than what it should be used for—that is fuel for our bodies. So, I combine healthy eating with compassionate counseling.

Desiree: You have been doing this work for quite awhile. How has your mission changed over the years?

Monika: Well, of course when I first started out I was focusing more on the physical and biochemical aspects of nutrition—in food and supplements. I have been an advocate and spokesperson for natural and alternative health for almost 20 years. I have devoted myself to teaching others in my clinical setting, in University classrooms, as a published author and TV host, producer and guest speaker, and I continue to deliver this message in my work every day.

In my present coaching programs, I focus much of my work on helping a woman learn to value herself and her voice more in her life. Through nutritional and lifestyle coaching, I guide and support women at transforming their lives from the inside out. They start gaining more confidence and feel more grounded and in control of their food, which then it translates into the rest of their lives.

Desiree: Sounds like you address both the food and a person’s psychology in your sessions?

Monika: Yes, again, I do focus a lot on the emotional/psychological piece. Once women start to lose weight and feel good about themselves, they may start taking liberties with their new found freedom and stop paying attention. Then old, potentially destructive, habits start creeping in—as in—adding sugar back into their diets, not exercising, not taking time for self-reflection. They start the maniacal business again and I always encourage women I work to stay connected to my office in some fashion through the many programs I offer.

They may sign up for six month or yearly programs, even after they have lost the weight they wanted to lose. We may check in once a month or every two months, depending on their needs. This has proven to be very successful at sustaining the amazing benefits they have received in the first place.

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the “Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.” Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit

5 Inspiring Tips So You Don’t End Up Like Kirstie Alley

We’ve all seen Kirstie Alley in the media lately, having gained back all the weight she lost when she was with Jenny Craig. But she still wants to get into her bathing suit and show it off on Oprah. Here are five tips on how you can get into your bathing suit again and again, and look your best year after year. Let’s get you back into your Skinny Jeans and your “hot” bathing suit, and keep you there. Talk about true freedom!

Tip #1: Stay connected to the qualified professional who helped you get there in the first place. It’s so important to have a strategy and surround yourself with the people who helped you become successful. Let me be honest with you. It’s hard to sustain your good eating, exercise, and self care habits on your own. It just is. We are constantly exposed to triggers in our environment that easily take us off track and distract us from taking care of ourselves. It’s important to have someone who can help you stay empowered, inspired, and successful for the long run.

Tip #2: Take things off your plate. This is especially true for women reading or hearing this today. Women tend to overdo and feel virtuous and seemingly “guilt-free” by saying YES to everything and everyone. I encourage you to stop this habit as soon as possible. I have found the most successful in my programs are those focused more on their wants and needs first, before focusing on what everyone else’s wants and needs—either in their home or professional lives.What happens is that when you are taking care of yourself, a miracle happens. Everyone else seems to be doing just fine and maybe even getting healthier as well. As you start to take better care of yourself, those close to you actually become inspired and start doing the same. Now there’s no guarantee this will happen; however, surprisingly, I see it happen a lot. So stop doing for everyone else, fixing everyone else’s problems, and start focusing on you. You owe it to yourself. Unless you are dealing with young children or elderly parents, everyone else can take care of themselves more than you think. Believe me I see this happen everyday.

Tip #3: Make sure you reward yourself with things other than food or alcohol. There are so many other, non-caloric, ways to give yourself a gift of appreciation for a job well done, or for something you’ve accomplished, a massage, a new scarf, a new piece of jewelry, going for a walk on the beach, a concert, a belly dancing class—why not?

I just started ballroom dancing myself. Even though I’d always taken dance classes most of my life, ballet, modern, jazz, and most recently hip-hop, I thought I’d add some “new steps” to my repertoire. You know learning a new activity is not only good for your waistline but also for your mind and your confidence. So go ahead, give yourself a healthy reward. It’ll be satisfying in many more ways than eating a bag of M&M’s.

Tip #4: Eat real, whole, and fresh foods as much as possible. They are loaded with the stuff you need and won’t leave you starving or feeling deprived because they are providing the nutrients you need to stay slim and healthy. I have never been a big fan of packaged, processed, or altered foods. There is not much to these bagged, boxed, and artificial foods, which I sometimes refer to as just good tasting cardboard, with the “good tasting” component being questionable.

The closer a food is to its natural state or as I always say, “closer to mother nature,” the better it is for you. You can’t derive much fuel for your mind and body from empty calories. Even if a whole food appears to have more calories like a sirloin steak, in comparison to a box of crackers you will always be further ahead with the real food versus the packaged one.

Consider also Kirstie Ally’s reliance on the packaged Jenny Craig food she never learned how to cook healthy on her program and these foods are loaded with sodium and other additives. So think healthy, not necessarily quick fix.

Tip #5: Move. You need to move. There’s no getting around this. Find something that doesn’t feel like work but is loads of fun. As I just did with the ballroom dancing. Yes, that’s right, exercise can be fun (just like eating well can also be fun). Make a point of doing something everyday, even if just for 10 minutes.

You need to make this a habit. It’s good for your brain to help with stress reduction and for taking a simple break in your day. Have things around that trigger you to move like the weights or pictures of you doing yoga. That is what I have on my Vision Board, which I get to look at every day. I also have a recumbent bike, free weights, ball and bands at home, and a beautiful neighborhood to take walks in if I choose to. Don’t just plan to go to the gym someday. Take the first step and then stick with it. And also mix it up a bit. Don’t always do the same thing everyday. Try something new, so you can work different muscle groups and keep it interesting.

These are the tips that will keep you from heading down the same path Kirstie Alley and Oprah have recently found themselves on. Do these and you will always be in great shape—mind, body, and spirit!

Healthy Blessings,

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the “Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.” Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit

How to Live Life to the Fullest

When my brother passed away unexpectedly—my life stopped. I was really only trying to make sense of such a tragedy. How could this happen? I wanted to be with my family as much as possible—to share in our memories and in our grief. However, after time, I started back. I started thinking I need to get back to all the good self-care things I had been doing before this happened. My diet and exercise program was excellent and I was feeling light, balanced, and optimistic about my life and my health. Even though I’ve always been active, my motivation to become much more consistent and committed to my exercise was prompted by my oldest brother Hank’s heart attack.

I’m sure you can guess it had not been easy for our family. But I must say, my wonderful family inspires me. I dedicate this post specifically to my two oldest brothers. To Helmut for how he lived; and to Hank, for how he has now chosen to live—taking his health and wellness quite seriously. After Hank’s health scare, he turned his health around. He is avidly seeking and exploring new dietary programs for heart health and consulting with me of course. He has lost about 20 pounds, exercises regularly, and has enrolled in a Heart Healthy Program at his local hospital in Vancouver.

Yes, he has been given a second chance at the age of 64. He is taking that opportunity and rising to the occasion. He is more open to the beauty and richness of his days and he looks great, too. We all can become caught in a rut, thinking about all the things we need to get done, and planning for this and planning for that, and not really living and enjoying the time we have. We really need to stop and Slow Down. Let’s really embrace the preciousness of our lives. As I mentioned, I have spent a lot of time with my family. The love and togetherness helped us handle a difficult situation. It became much more bearable and even a richer and deeper experience being surrounded by the most important people in my life. I urge you to take time every day to appreciate those you love in big and small ways. Keep your heart open.

I started back to the gym and I started eating back on my healthy eating program. Yes, I, too get off track at times. We are all just human and fragile. We do the best we can. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do and must do. At first it might be difficult, you’re aware of how far you have to go, but it becomes easier and actually becomes second nature after awhile. You start embodying this new you and can actually feel quite miserable if you veer off track for too long. You need to learn to make yourself a priority. Even during stressful times, you can always try and maintain your “Healthy Living—Right Living” guidelines, which will always anchor you and nourish your body, mind, and spirit. This is what both my brothers encourage us all to do—live life to the fullest and enjoy your days.

How can you:



(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the “Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.” Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit

Stay Young—Longer

Do you want to know the secret to Youth? Let me tell you the things to avoid, if you want to stay looking younger longer.

  1. Poor Diet
    What you eat affects your health more than anything else you do. When you eat a poor diet of fatty, processed, or fried foods and simple sugars—the aging process speeds up. Stay away from additives and trans-fats, which rob you of your health and deprive your body of essential nutrients. On the other hand, when you eat foods that are close to mother nature—as in fresh, preferably organic and vital—you will have all the vitality and strength you need.You also want to have many different colors in your diet. Now with summer in full bloom, so to speak, there’s no excuse. The gardens, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores are filled with rich, luscious fruits and vegetables. Those juicy cherries, those unbelievable tomatoes, fresh figs, sweet sugar snaps peas, crisp and tasty carrots—mmm…yummy! The skins of fruits and vegetables are loaded with powerful antioxidants, which help you look and feel young.Why risk your health and beauty with unhealthy food?
  2. The Power of Your Thoughts
    Your mind and your thoughts are powerful antidotes to aging. Negative thinking, depression, or anger can pull down your mind and body; whereas, happy and joyful thoughts can uplift your spirit and maybe your face. How you act, behave, or react to situations can ultimately determine your longevity. Isn’t it great to know you have the power to control your aging—a little scary I’m sure when you really think about it—to actually have a choice about how you react today and that choice affecting your future.The late Norman Cousins did some amazing research on how the mind can influence the body. He discovered the immune system could improve with 30 minutes of deep belly laughter every day.  Laughter also increases the release of “feel good” endorphins. Yes, joyful people live longer and healthier lives. I’m not surprised that “Laughing Yoga” is starting to get more recognition in this country. Personally, I love to watch a good comedy any chance I get.
  3. Lack of Exercise
    If you want to be healthy and live a long life, you need to be physically active. Inactivity is a huge culprit in becoming overweight and accelerating the aging process. It’s important to alternate aerobic exercise with weight resistance exercise. You will gain a youthful glow as your regular exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to all your cells. Keeping muscles and joints limber is also a big plus. Don’t forget to do a proper warm up and cool down to avoid injury as well.
  4. Stress
    Stress takes a tremendous toll on your body and your health in general. ‘When you are experiencing stress, your body is programmed to go into fight-or-flight mode causing additional wear and tear. You release adrenaline when in this state. Even if a lion is not chasing you—your body is reacting as if it is. The thing about being chased by a lion, well it’s a very short term event you either get away or not, and then it’s over. However, for us, it’s never over. We are constantly in this heightened state, unfortunately, putting added stress on every system in our body.Always remember to breathe deeply during the day to help manage your stress. I think of that 60’s song “Cry if you want to, Cry if you want to.” Replace “Cry” for “Sigh” and that’s my formula. Give yourself a break! You are human, not a machine. Try taking a 15-minute mediation break during your lunch. Just closing your eyes will release a lot of tension. If you cannot meditate, take a walk in the park, or sit on a bench in nature for 10 or 15 minutes. These actions alone will reduce any tension you may feel in your body.
  5. Lack of Sleep
    There’s no way around it: the average adult needs 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night to maintain health. Without sufficient “recovery time” each night, you will run your body and mind down and wear out your life force.So try to get to sleep at a regular time every night. Ideally, try to get to bed before 10:00 p.m. and up by 6:00 a.m. Based on ancient healing systems, it is said these are the best times for deeper, restful, rejuvenation and regeneration. Don’t worry if it’s not those exact times, just remember you need your 7-8 hours. Also, have your bedroom uncluttered, preferably without a TV, as both can be very stimulating to the mind instead of soothing and restful. If you would like, you can always have a cup of relaxing tea with valerian root or chamomile.

Sleep, eat, and exercise well until next time.

(c) Monika Klein, B.S., C.N. is an award winning clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert. Monika is the "Compassionate and Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach." Her company, Coaching For Health, offers life transforming weight loss and wellness programs, classes and products throughout the world. To learn more about Monika’s services and programs, visit