Ready to Feed Your Soul?

Do you ever wonder why things aren’t easier in your life?  Why you can’t just get the job done, have your kids do what you want them to, lose the weight you want to lose?

When it comes to losing weight and eating better you may think it’s about what you are eating but really it’s much more than that!  The real story is not only about what you’re eating but rather what’s eating you!  And that’s why finding out what Feeds Your Soul is vital if you want to have success.  You must commit to digging down deep if you want to figure it out.  It can be scary to look deeper on your own – you may end up just skimming the surface looking for superficial reasons why you are not getting what you want.  Getting to the bottom of what makes you tick takes courage, patience and love. Getting there is never easy and almost always requires some assistance. Arriving at a deeper understanding of yourself, your life and how it all fits together is necessary for change to take place in your life.

I encourage you not to wait until a disaster hits before making healthy changes.  As you know my husband suffered a stroke nearly a year ago.  He’s still healing from it and it’s been a long year. Had he paid attention to the signs and symptoms earlier he may not have had such a set back. Health and weight challenges that present themselves are a great opportunity to get clear about what needs correcting and what you truly need in order to feel fed, fulfilled and healthy.

So How Can You Feed Your Soul & Stay on Track:

Here are 5 Tips:

Tip #1 – Appreciate your Uniqueness:  You are a unique and beautiful individual and you do not need to be like anyone else.  Some may not appreciate your uniqueness and that’s Ok – really it’s OK.  Some will get you and some won’t.  You are not here to please everyone – that is an impossible and unnecessary task.  The most important person you need to please is YOU.  That may be a difficult thing to come to terms with, after all haven’t you spent most of your life being told you need to consider others before yourself.  Aren’t you suppose to get along with others and make others feel good and comfortable in order to be loved?  What you need to be is yourself 1st   and foremost.  Love is always available – especially if it’s coming from you.  Those who love, respect, admire and appreciate your uniqueness are to be cherished. Everyone else may or may not be part of your cheering squad – and again that’s OK!  It’s not your job to convert them.

Tip #2 – Know Your Limitations:  Reality Check – yes you are great but identifying your limitations is a good step towards achieving your most authentic goals.  Having the wisdom to know you can’t be everything you thought you once could is a step in the right direction.  Perhaps you’re not ready to give up on a lifelong dream, but I ask you here again to dig a little deeper.  Is your goal actually yours or someone else’s?  Sometimes your goal is so deeply ingrained that you may be unable to know where it actually came from. Is it really yours or your mother’s, friend’s or society’s?   Take some time to get clear and remember you can always course correct at anytime and at any age.  Try not to waste your time doing something you’re not good at. For more information about learning what your true strengths are check out the book “Now Discover Your Strengths” – it’s excellent.

Tip #3  Eat to your Heart’s Content:  Well, I’m not going to say you should eat whatever you want, whenever you want – no I won’t say that.  However I would like you to get used to the idea that eating healthfully does not mean depriving yourself.  There is a skewed perception in our culture about what deprivation really is.  Not having food or the ability to move your body (for example being in a wheel chair) now that’s deprivation.  You need to re-frame your concept and know that avoiding candy, french fries or bread placed in front of you while dining in Restaurant X is not deprivation. Saying no and feeling certain those foods will not feed your soul or your body requires discipline and boundary setting.

Tip #4   Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin:   Do you feel comfortable in your body?  If not than you need to make some changes.  I have seen so many of my clients over the years in tears when speaking of their weight or health issues.  I’m not saying these challenges are simple to conquer but admitting you’re off track and that you are willing to take A STEP is often all it takes to get you started.  Hiding your head in the sand is not a way to live.  First admitting a change is needed, getting help and then learning how to take control is the route you want to take.

Tip #5   Early Morning Exercise:   Studies show that if you exercise early in the day you are more likely to continue the habit long term.  As you proceed with this new habit you’ll find yourself being encouraged and having more energy, better sleep and an ability to manage your weight.  If you wait until later in the day chances are you can easily find some more appealing (or not) distraction taking you off track.  All of a sudden your new exercise habit ends up last on your list To Do List for the day.  I’m not saying that if it’s impossible to exercise early in the day that you just blow it off – no – fit it in whenever and however you can.  Generally I am more of a late afternoon exerciser however, I feel when I do get into the early morning habit I tend to be more consistent and feel better about myself.  So fit it in you will good about it and good about yourself.

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