The Skinny Mini Program ™

This program is a shortened version of our signature Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Program.  It lasts 3 weeks with 2  phone or office Skinny Sessions geared to help with accountability and support in general.  This program was created because of my clients need to have a quick program that would get that back on track.  It’s designed for those who have already been successful with the Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Program ™ and want to lose the vacation, holiday or what have you weight gain.


  • 3 week program of coaching with healthy eating program
  • Weekly consultations available in office or by phone
  • Identify and overcome your weight loss obstacles!


If your weight loss plans have produced more regrets than results, help is here. The makers of the Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Program™ have created this bite-sized Skinny Mini 3-Week program to help you battle the bulge without getting shell-shocked. Clinical Nutritionist Monika Klein’s results-focused healthy eating program will get you the progress you’ve always wanted but had trouble getting on your own. Your in-office or phone consultations with Monika will identify obstacles and find lasting solutions. Those skinny jeans are within your reach!

Your Skinny Mini includes:

  • 2 “Skinny” Sessions
  • 3 Weeks of Delicious Ultra Lites
  • Tracking, Menu and Shopping Templates
  • 5-10 lbs of true Weight Loss
  • Detoxification Element
  • Reduction of any Water Retention
  • Eliminates Potential Allergy Producing Foods



“I was just perfect!  I had done so well on Monika 5 week Program but I had gained about 7 lbs over the holidays and they weren’t coming off.  I needed a quick and simple program that would get me back to the weight I loved being at – it worked so well!  Suzanne M. 

“Most people think I’m at a perfect weight but I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable.  My jeans were snug and believe me that’s something I truly dislike.  I had lost 25 lbs with the Skinny Jeans Weight Loss Program ™ previously. I knew it worked and I wanted to lose the 10 lbs I gained during a stressful time.  I did it and I actually was able to lose 11 lbs – thanks for creating the Skinny Mini Monika!”  Susan H.