Skinny Jeans Cleanse™

4 week Liver Detoxification Process

Three Steps to Detoxify
Detoxification regimens generally start with helping your liver, your body’s major detoxification organ. When the liver is working efficiently and effectively, other organs often follow suit. Once the detoxification process begins, digestion, brain function and other physiological processes also tend to work better.

The actual detoxification process is typically broken into three stages, varying in duration depending on the individual.

The stages are:

1) The Elimination
The elimination process is the first step, and can begin if a person is relatively healthy and free of any serious chronic health conditions. The elimination phase rids your diet of any potential food allergens such as wheat, dairy, soy.  We also will take coffee and other caffeinated beverages out of your diet for the period of the cleansing.

2) The Intensive
The intensive stage of this process comprises at least three days of drinking an alkaline or vegetable broth, eating non starchy steamed vegetables and also drinking an effective  Detoxifying Formula which contains a powerful antioxidant called Glutathione. These alkalizing foods reduce acidity and inflammation in your body. If you find yourself becoming hungry during this stage, nuts and seeds — such as almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds will be added to your program.  These additions are also alkalizing and usually non allergenic.

3) The Experimental
The experimental phase slowly reintroduces foods into your diet to see if they are tolerated. During a detoxification program, you may find yourself becoming more sensitive to certain foods. If a new food is introduced and if it triggers a reaction, it will once again be eliminated from the diet and added one or two weeks later to verify a food sensitivity or allergy. You often become more aware of the foods that are best for you and your behavioral addictions to certain foods during this period. This is the longest phase and often requires additional emotional support and education.

One final comment about Detoxification

Some people incorrectly believe that a detoxification program is a great way to lose weight. Most people will lose weight in this process, but it is only temporary. Permanent weight loss requires concerted lifestyle and dietary changes. Detoxification can, however, reduce and eliminate food cravings, reduce overall food consumption and make the body feel more functional, whole and balanced.

Program Includes the following:

  • Weekly Detox Sessions (office or phone)
  • Program Manual
  • Highly Effective Non-Allergenic Detoxification Formula (up to 4 Containers)
  • Weekly Metabolic Screening
  • Tracking, Menu, Grocery Templates



“Frustrated with traditional medicine not resolving some medical issues and food allergies, I decided to seek out a nutritionist who could possibly get me more positive results.  Through Monika’s program, my medical issues have been resolved and many of my food allergies have disappeared.  I am thrilled with the results and now more educated about the benefits of a proper diet. I feel better than I have in years, and thank Monika whose support and guidance has made me a much healthier individual today.” Audrey S.


“I suffered with continuous digestive issues for most of life.  Now in my 60’s I was introduced to Monika by my daughter.  The detoxification process she took me through helped identify food sensitivities I did realize I had.  I have been able to eliminate those foods and now am symptom free.”  Lise S.