Exploding Weight Loss Myths

Ok so you’ve made it through the first month of 2013.  How are your goals going so far, in particular your health and weight loss goals?  You may be feeling you’re ready to get some help.  You might have tried it on your own to with zero success.

It’s time to review and overcome some of the resistance you have about ever being successful in this area of your life.  Resistance can be your worst enemy and can be as insidious as you might not even imagine.  Some of the way resistance shows up is by commonly accepted truisms or myths.  Don’t fool yourself.

This week’s article is about exploding some of those myths and here are the top 12 to watch out for.

  1. It’s Short Term - Weight loss and then maintaining a proper weight requires consistent conscious effort and giving your body the proper nutrients it needs. 
  2. Feeling Deprived is All Part of It - You do not need to feel deprived in order to be successful at healthy weight loss.  It’s a mindset 
  3. Do not eat or eat less - Giving your body good, nutritious foods throughout the day is essential for proper weight loss and maintenance. Eating like a bird will not help you lose weight or be healthy.
  4. Exercise Like Crazy - You do not need to stress your body by over-exercising – exercise enough for your weight loss goals and your body type.
  5. Eat only 1 or 2 Types of Foods - Limiting food groups is not a healthy and balanced way to lose to weight.
  6. A calorie is a calorie - Even though a slice of cheesecake may have the same amount of calories as piece of chicken the nutrient quality is not the same and will rob you versus nourish you.
  7. Sleep has nothing to do with weight loss - Without sufficient, quality sleep you will find it very difficult to lose weight and keep it off.
  8. You need to ramp up your metabolism - You need to help your body function more naturally and that does not necessarily have anything to do with speeding up your metabolism which in itself can be very unhealthy.
  9. When you get older you’ll gain weight - Age does not determine weight gain, unhealthy habits do no matter what your age.
  10. I can lose it alone - Many people try to lose weight on their own, but without an accountability partner or coach it becomes difficult as you most likely will let your excuses run rampant.
  11. I’ll be happy when I’m Skinny - Your weight is only a symptom of many things that may be going on in your life, losing weight does not guarantee a happier life. You have to address it all.
  12. Eating Fat is bad for you - You need good, essential fats in your diet daily.  These fats are responsible for healthy hormone balance, beautiful skin, reducing inflammation and much more.

So as you can see there are many myths out there – some of them running your life.  Getting educated and becoming more aware will help you overcome false beliefs and your resistance to doing the right things to take care of yourself.

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