Do You Want To Be Lean Soon?

With such a successful Women’s Event this past Sunday it got me thinking about women’s struggle with weight and how we can change our perception.  

I often wonder – is there an urgent need to get it off or is it simply a fantasy?  Is “I need to lose some weight” something you’re suppose to say especially if your not donning a pair of Size #2 Skinny Jeans?  Are we women expected to be something we’re not and never will be, but yet to be politically correct, we must yell out “I’m fat!”

Well let’s slow down here – having curves may not be as popular as it once was but heck if you’ve got them be proud of them! If you’re one of the “other” kind of body types – you know the more popular and often envied kind with little or no curves – be proud, too (believe me some aren’t even in this category!).

Studies have shown 95% of a women’s self esteem is based on her body image.  Doing everything you can to appreciate your body today is crucial. If you are having less energy, digestive distress, hormonal imbalances appreciate your body, too and get these issues addressed – the sooner the better.  If you are feeling disassociated from your body; not feeling comfortable in your own skin – it may be time to deal with your emotional as well as physical health.

Having 5, 10, 50 lbs more than you desire requires a concerted effort to rid yourself of excess weight.  However, during this weight loss process it’sessential you treat yourself well both emotional and physically.  Stop berating yourself for losing only 1 lb. in 1 week or having a bigger serving than you actually needed or even that you found yourself being less than pleasant to someone perhaps surprisingly out of character for you – you’re always the demure and civilized one –right?  Stuffing your feelings with food is no longer an option.  Some of your responses may initially surprise or even scare you but just know it’s a natural part of the terrain.

When you are making behavioral changes during your weight loss process – it’s important to know that change takes time. Too fast – it won’t last!  You need to “grow into” your New Habits and into the NEW YOU.  I have often noticed that when there’s a rush to get the weight off and when it finally comes off the behavioral changes have not really been anchored long enough to become permanent. You start taking the focus off healthy eating habits, maintenance is disregarded and the lbs. come back on.

Try these to stay on track during maintenance: 

#1  Remember the Successes.  It’s a good idea to think about how far you’ve come in losing the weight you said you wanted to.  If you find yourself not being perfect one or two days tell yourself you’re doing a food experiment and laugh at yourself and then get back on track immediately.  You must work on healthy self talk and tell yourself you’ve been successful so far and you can continue to remain successful.

#2 Don’t be the Hare. Too fast – like the Hare – will never sustain your balanced weight and healthy habits.  You may find your habits going on vacation and your weight coming home to rest and stay.  Watch out for the signs – sugar every day, eating the same portion as your husband again, and evening snacking.

#3  You’re in it for the Long Haul. Know your weight loss is long term so get used to thinking of it as such.  If you think it’s just temporary – guess what that’s what it will be.  It’s vital you manage your thoughts about your new healthy lifestyle by confirming that you are worth it and staying healthy and lean is the most important thing in your universe. After all – as my mother always says: “Your health is everything!” Don’t be someone who misses having good health but be the person who embraces it.

#4   Starting and Stop.  It takes more energy to get a boulder up a hill but very little to get it down the hill.  Remember this – it’s so much easier to maintain a healthy weight once you’ve lost it then it is to gain it all back again and start over.  It erodes your self esteem and your determination.  It’s also very stressful and wearing on your body as well.

#5  Lean State of Mind  Once you take a step to starting a healthy eating plan or weight loss program something immediately begins to shift in your mind. You start to see weight come off and then you become more of a believer in the possibility that it’s doable for you.  You lose it and Voila you become a new person – a better, more self actualized version of you.  You Shine, you Radiate – YOU are more YOURSELF.  This empowering feeling becomes your new state of mind. No one can take it away from you – it’s yours to keep and to cherish. 

#6 Stick with Tried and True If you have worked with someone in the past – a professional stick with them – they helped you before they can help you again. The ongoing support is crucial if you want to stay lean & healthy long term.

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