Do You Need a Confidence Boost?

How is your Confidence Factor?  Do you sometimes find you are bold and yet at other times shy and retreating?  What does it take to be confident if not all the time at least some of the time?

Here are 6 Tips to have a Consistent Boost to Your Confidence:

#1 Making Self Care a PriorityNo matter what if you don’t take care of yourself you will never have the confidence you desire.  There is nothing like thepride you have when you know you have put yourself first and made sure you are taken off.  Why not even decide to put yourself on a pedestal rather than waiting for someone else to do so.  First and foremost take a stand for yourself.

#2 Looking Your Best.  Let’s face it when you look good you feel good.  We all know that.  Do your best to present the best image of yourself – your authentic self – as you possibly can.   Your confidence is certainly enhanced when you easily fit into your Skinny Jeans or anything in your closet you vowed you’d throw out because you felt so discouraged.  But then you made up your mind to do something about your body and Poof!  You were re-born into a lean, attractive better version of you.  It all starts with your decision.

#3 Good Health with Energy to Spare. No denying Healthy is the New Skinny and Beautiful.  With eating the right things – you know all the food choices I constantly espouse, taking in the breathe of life through exercise and meditation, time to reflect, rest and regenerate.  No doubt if you follow these guidelines you will have more than enough energy. If you feel you are doing all of the above and have little energy it’s time to seek out a professional – you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue, blood sugar issues or possible anemia.

#4 Get Involved.  Getting involved in something meaningful will always elevate your sense of worth and self confidence.  Whether it’s a hobby, your son’s basketball game, a women’s group or a charity that speaks to your heart. You can take the focus of perhaps unimportant areas in your life and just dive into something you are passionate about.  Nothing like the reward you receive from giving back or being all in or both.    

 #5 Less Harried.  Hard to feel composed, self assured and confident if you are running around madly from one event or task to another.  You are often out of your body during those times and not very integrated or centered.  It’s impossible to feel confident in this kind of state.  Slow down and relax – give yourself this noble gift of being grounded.

 #6 Mirror, Mirror.  And finally the Glass Reflection of your “Outside Self”.  Of course, I realize far too much emphasis is put on this in our society.  Your true self confidence, or lack of it, will be reflected from your inside to the mirror versus the other way around.  Think of that the next you gaze at yourself through the looking glass….remember no judgments only love and appreciation – Promise?

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