Did You Quit

I’ve just created a new saying “If it Doesn’t Fit You Must Have Quit!”  And it’s so true – we all do it – we quit on ourselves.  It can be devastating, depressing and cause a related lack of confidence about ever being able to work on your goal again.

So why do we Quit and what can we do about it?

Here are your 6 Reasons and their Solutions:

#1  Not fully committed to ourselves.  Whether it’s your program or whatever you say you want if you are not on board and totally “All-In” you will sit on the fence and not move forward. The Solution: Committing to yourself starts with believing you are worth it.  If you don’t have that belief you need to hire it.  Get support from a professional who will provide you with all the belief you need until you have it on your own.

#2  Distractions.  Other things take priority which is often a huge issue for women.  You know the re-model, the kids, housecleaning, caring for everyone else (and not yourself.).  The SolutionJust say no to distractions.  Start your day with pen in hand and write down your 5 priorities – nothing else matters until you get these done.  Be laser focused.  It’s the same with bigger goals, too.  If you want to lose weight and be healthy then the next time the cheesecake floats past you at your family dinner let it pass you by.  On a good program you should feel nourished and balanced enough to forego any of these environmental triggers.  Make yourself and your goals a priority.  Unless you have small children everyone else can take care of themselves – really, they can.

#3  Lose Faith.  You are full of self doubt . You wonder “Will this really work?  Is it working? Will it ever work?”  Second guessing by not trusting yourself or who you’re working with is very self sabotaging.  The Solution: A funny thing about health and wellness is it doesn’t come from out of the blue.  Sure when you’re young it doesn’t require much effort to stay healthy and lean.  But as you get older more effort is required.  So if you take the necessary steps to lose weight and/or stay healthy by eating well, having 3 meals a day, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising - you will get the results – there is no doubt.

#4  Wanting a Quick Fix.  Sometimes the problem with healthy weight loss is it takes longer than you’d like in order to see results.  There may be deep complex issues going on whether biochemical or behavioral. The Solution: There is no such thing as a Quick Fix. Even though I call one of my Weight Loss Programs Quick Fix, it isn’t really, it’s very healthy, but it’s a catchy name – don’t you think?  Losing 10 lbs over 2 days is only temporary and the more you engage in this kind of fad the more damage you will do to your body.  Your body’s resilient but you can not continually abuse it without consequences.  Your body most likely will stop losing weight and functioning well.  Do the right thing the right way – slow, gradual and supportive change is the only way to go.

#5  Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.  Also called the Grass is Greener Syndrome. or “I want what she’s having” the classic line from  When Harry Met Sally.  You start something and quit when you see something else then you try that for a short period and quit - setting up this vicious cycleThe Solution: Decide to honor your decision and stick with it.  There will always be something out there that appears better, quicker and easier.  It’s more tantalizing.  You need to stick with your health regimen.  Starting and stopping will never give you what you need and want and it’s hard on both your mind and body.  It will only deplete and depress you.  So decide, do it, get the help you need and see your life change

#6  Listening to Everyone Else.  You think you’re committed but then 5 friends or family members have a better idea and offer their opinion.  You end up being confused and without consulting an expert you quit.  The Solution:  Stop listening to everyone and anyone.  Everyone has an opinion “you should do the Belly Fat or Cookie Diet”  says Aunt Shirley.  Stop the confusion it will only paralyze you and you’ll never get started.  You may not want to tell anyone what you’re doing initially.  Get used to the new program you’re on, work with someone who’ll help you stay the course.  Then let others come to you and ask YOU what YOU’RE doing and what advice YOU can offer THEM.  You have now become the expert of YOU – congratulations!

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