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Skinny Jeans Contest – Tell us your Best Story

I was just telling my sister about the new group program I am getting started in May. She asked me how in the world I can get all this done—do you sleep? I, know she should know this, since she’s known me all my life.  However, frankly, I can’t completely remember her sleep habits; although, I remember her being somewhat of a night owl.  Great pattern for a freelance editor.

Anyway, back to the new group Skinny Jeans program. I have started a contest. I want to hear and see the best video story of “I can’t fit into my Skinny Jeans.”  Yes, I want you to send me your best and we will post on Twitter and Facebook, and take a vote. The best will win a complimentary place in our Invitation Only “Skinny Jeans Group” launch in May. You have until Monday, May 4th, to submit your best story—believe me I am looking forward to hearing your best stories!