7 Revolutionary Lean Laws To Live By

You say you want a Revolution?  Well, maybe not!  Revolution requires an immense amount of focused effort.  I was recently asked by woman who was interested in our programs that if she did everything right and still didn’t lose all the weight she expected to would she be charged.

I feel as though I need to educate my readers and interested clients a little more.  It’s never about a number on the scale although we are very often led to believe that’s all that matters.  Revolutionary changes often take place on the inside.  The scale is not the only indicator of success in a Health, Weight or Wellness Program.  By far it’s so much more than that!

If you start out expecting a certain outcome and another one happens that could possibly be even better, deeper and more long lasting than the original expectation – wouldn’t you be happier? I would think the answer would be yes.

Let’s get to the 7 Revolutionary Lean Laws:

Law #1   Make a Promise to Yourself.  You probably find yourself keeping promises to everyone else but yourself.  If you plan to go to yoga tonight – go.  If you plan to stick with your healthy foods choices while out of town – do the best you can to keep this promise to yourself.  Don’t let other’s priorities influence your choices.

Law #2   Eat Slower.  Did you know eating slower not only helps your digestion but you also will eat less?  This does take practice but you can do it.  Take time to taste, savor and enjoy your food.  Do as the Europeans do “respect food” rather than overeating – possibly shoving it down and eating while doing something else.  Make believe you’re in a Paris Café if that helps.

Law #3   Have a “Vacation State of Mind”.  Don’t wait for Summer Vacation to relax and feel good – start now.  If you are constantly thinking about the future well, of course, you will not appreciate today.  As with food begin to savor the day’s richness and flavor. Plan for smoothness in your life versus always having complications, delays or misunderstandings.  It’s often just as simple as focusing on having ease in your life.  Difficulties create undo stress.  Why not choose to re-route these perceived difficulties and take a detour instead?

Law #4   Things I Miss List.  A client told me today that she’d like to start a “Things I Miss Journal” while doing her Skinny Jeans Program.  I thought that was a brilliant idea. I asked her to add not only food she missed having, which was her original idea, but also habits, activities or experiences that were not part of her life while on her Program.  This is an exercise in awareness. What I have noticed is that list changes and is replaced by a “Things I Like Doing that I didn’t Before”.  Like going to bed earlier, eating regular meals, having 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day or drinking more water.  It’s a sure sign that mind shifts are occurring and starting to anchor in.

Law #5   Falling From Grace.  Another client shared with me today that she’d fallen from grace and started eating foods that she hadn’t eaten in months. She consciously started eating candy, cakes and pasta again.  Her guilt was evident after all she’d reached her goal and had spent a lot of time and money to get there.  But her curiosity got the best of her and she wanted to know how those foods tasted again and also how much she could get away with without gaining any weight.  Well she did gain weight and didn’t feel so well which leads me to our next Law.

Law #6   Your Body Doesn’t Lie. Your body can speak to you loud and clear. Even if you get off track and do gain a few lbs you may find other things are going on in your body as well.  All of a sudden rashes, stomach aches, fatigue, irritability and hot flashes re-appear.  You thought you were done with these annoying symptoms once you lost the weight and now they are back with a vengeance.  It’s most likely due to you re-introducing foods that are not your friends back into your diet.  You may not have a full blown food allergy but rather a subtle and not so subtle food intolerance.  You just don’t feel as good as you did.  Cut out the food culprits whether it’s wheat, sugar, dairy or eggs for a couple of weeks and slowly re-introduce them one food at a time.

Law #7   Trust Your Gut. Digestion is key to having a long and healthy life.  If you suffer from digestive distress such as acid reflux or GERD, IBS, constipation or diarrhea it’s vital you correct this condition as soon as possible.  While visiting Canada last week my niece thanked me for introducing her to Probiotics.  She had been plagued with digestive “issues” and now with one simple remedy taken daily she is transformed.  She feels happier, lighter and healthier.  If you are not digesting properly you aren’t making the best use of the food you are eating.

These “revolutionary” Lean Laws can help you, too.  Take one step today.

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